The Current Movie Star Crush List 

Since we talked to Tim Lagman about his movie star crush – that’s where we’re heading today! 

And before you wonder, where the fuck is Zendaya and Michael B. Jordan – this list of movie star crushes is based on those who had movies out this year already. Yes, I’m aware I’ve done this earlier this year but…that was then and since then we’ve had so many releases! So the following are the most current movie stars whose names continue to make waves for being on screen. So while we all gagged over Zendaya’s birthday post to her boyfriend, and wept (but also delusionally celebrated) the other’s breakup – we’re going to be looking at those movie star crushes that owned the first half of this year so far. So without further ado…action!

Elizabeth Olsen 

Her name may not be in the title but Elizabeth Olsen owned every part of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’ In recent years she’s also become the only Olsen we even think about, which is hard for ‘90s kids who lived off of Mary Kate and Ashley VHS’ to process, but we’ll survive. 

Miles Teller 

Can I be real with you right now? I’ve only ever seen one Tom Cruise movie to my knowledge and ‘Top Gun’ ain’t it. So when it came to seeing ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ I was and am in the minority of those not running to theaters. HOWEVER, I’ve seen the thirst tweets and y’all are living for Miles Teller right now. 

Jennifer Lopez 

Despite my best efforts to keep ‘Marry Me’ out of our existence, people watched. Thus, Jennifer Lopez continued her ownership of movie star crush status. 

Robert Pattinson 

The fandom really came out and made ‘The Batman’ a hit. Good for Robert Pattinson.

Tessa Thompson 

Very few could make you take your eyes off of Chris Hemsworth, but Tessa Thompson has that power. Who else can’t wait for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder?’

Joel Kim Booster

Twitter introduced me to Joel Kim Booster, but soon the world will crush too because ‘Fire Island’ is available to stream now. 

Jenna Ortega 

A new scream queen is in town, literally. Jenna Ortega not only starred in the 2857th installment of ‘Scream’ earlier this year but will be playing the titular role in ‘Wednesday’ on Netflix later this year. 

Tom Holland 

We may not have gotten a new Spider-man this year but we did get to look at Tom Holland in ‘Uncharted,’ so win!

Michelle Yeoh 

We hope Michelle Yeoh has her Oscar dress ready to go because ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ was that girl when it came to movies this year. Also, have you seen Michelle Yeoh? Stunning.

Idris Elba 

Only Idris Elba could voice a character in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ and make people question their whole ass sexual reality.

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