Hammering Out the Details of My Marvel Crush

When it comes to Marvel, I don’t always live. Spider-man and the mutants were fine in animated formation as a kid when I didn’t feel like playing with my Barbies, but as I got older and the whirlwind of these Marvel movies started to come out – I wasn’t initially over the moon. Then I met my fanboy of a guy and well, he made me watch many of them and well, I still am not over the moon with about 90% of them. 

Iron Man was just drunk and flying around to dad rock in his movies, Captain America was too goodie-goodie for me (but I do respect his ass), and Hulk? Yeah, no. The first time I ever remember liking one of these movies was in 2017 when ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ entered this larger-than-life cinematic universe. I’d obviously seen Chris Hemsworth’s abs long before this but this was the first movie of his I’d watched and I was enamored. I have to say this is hugely in part to director Taika Waititi for finally doing a Marvel movie that wasn’t well…just not for me. 

So while AichiYume is going to dish about her own Marvel crush this week, I’m going to go on and on about Chris Hemsworth’s Thor today. 

Again, ‘Ragnarok’ wasn’t the first time I’d ever seen this gawd of a human. Oh no. I was quite aware he existed and was the hammer-wielding Avenger. I just never cared to see any movie he’d been a part of until this one because ‘Ragnarok’ felt like it was going to give me what I wanted from a comic book movie and that’s fun. Since then I think I’ve pretty much stayed up to date with not only Marvel but definitely any and everything that has to do with Thor. 

Even when he went and lost himself to sadness, gained a lot of weight, and was The Dude in that movie where they work together to get some rocks to take down Grimace. Even then, Thor was still able to win over my heart because at the end of the day – he’s one of the most likable characters to me. Iron Man is just a rich guy with parental issues *cough* Batman *cough*, Captain America is cheesy, Robin Hood is just too fucking moody, and well – those may be the only ones I don’t really fuck with. 

Nevertheless, Thor has it all. He’s comical, charming, and once upon a time could’ve done one of those Herbal Essence commercials from the ‘90s where washing one’s hair with a grocery store bottle of shampoo was orgasmic. 

Of course, the crush would likely not be the case if Chris Hemsworth was not the man behind the hammer so this is very much on him because before he stepped into this role, all I knew about Thor was what I’d learned from ‘Adventures in Babysitting.’ That’s not to say Thor is my only Marvel crush, but he was the first and will always be number one on my list. 

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