Boy Band Crush

Oh, you thought I was done at the end of the year? I told y’all I’d be back riding solo in 2022, and that is because this week my ultimate crush, Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, celebrates his birthday. So I just had to come through with a week dedicated to the glory that is boy... Continue Reading →

My Ultimate Boy Band Crush

The first celebrity I remember being obsessed with was as standard as they came in the ‘90s, and that’s JTT. Who didn’t love the ‘Home Improvement’ star back then? Of course, between JTT and the boy band craze of the late ‘90s, a few other famous faces got my prepubescent heart racing; Luke Perry’s Dylan... Continue Reading →

The Current Movie Crush List 

There is no denying that if Tom Hanks walked in your line of view you would freak out because he’s freaking Tom Hanks. A movie icon. Forrest. Fucking. Gump. However, while he’s still making amazing movies today, there is a new crop of heavy hitters that have been working their way up the icon ladder... Continue Reading →

Crazy Rich Movie Crush 

It’s hard to remember a time before COVID but alas, there was. Years prior to 2020 in which I didn’t know just how many grown-ass people around me were that freaking stupid. Oh, to be oblivious to the idiots again…Those years were also filled with so many instances of sneaking snacks into morning matinees.  One... Continue Reading →

Anime Crush: The Fellows 

Since we talked about Zero from ‘Vampire Knight’ this week with Desarae Wyn, I thought it was only fitting to dive into the hot anime men that have left fans swooning over the years. Again, I know absolutely nothing about anime other than the fact that I can recognize the style and watched ‘Sailor Moon’... Continue Reading →

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