Big Screen Crushes That Crushed Their Performances 

So by now you’ve listened to me and Rachel M, the host of ‘In Slow Motion,’ talk at length about her big screen crush, Thomas from ‘Maze Runner,’ played by the adorable and talented Dylan O’Brien...right? If not, click this and then right back here to check out some big screen crushes I have on... Continue Reading →

Just Jack: A Big Screen Crush

Grab your popcorn and concession stand snacks because this week Rachel M, host of ‘In Slow Motion,’ will talk about her big screen crush and in that reveal that she’s enamored with the way her crush takes on characters. That, in turn, inspired how I chose my big screen crush this week because at first... Continue Reading →

Crush Mistakes We All Tend to Make

This week we got to hear about a crush mistake singer-songwriter Aspen Anonda had pretty recently. She admitted that red flags were most definitely ignored and that she sort of romanticized this person. Which, those are only two crush mistakes we tend to make when we fall for a cute face.  Ruin Notebooks Okay, so... Continue Reading →

The Crush Mistake: Network Heartbreak 

There was nothing as grand as Friday night in the ‘90s because that meant ABC was about to kick major ass with their family-friendly block of programming, and while I lived for Shawn Hunter’s hair and Sabrina’s magical mishaps...those shows were always missing something. In fact, all those major networks fell a little flat in... Continue Reading →

My Artist Crush Gives Me Goosebumps

Talking about art with someone like Elisheba Israel Mrozik was wild because we’re not just people who appreciate, she’s someone who can go to work and come out the other end with a piece that impresses both on skin and canvas. And me? I’m a spectator, an appreciator. So while her artist crush inspired, mine...well,... Continue Reading →

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