Crushin on Times Square in 1998

You really had to be a particular age for this aspect of 1998 I loved with every fiber of my being, and my guest - Bradley Butin of 'The Fandemic' and 'Pre-venge of the Nerds' - was just graduating high school and about to head off into the military. So perhaps he wasn’t too focused... Continue Reading →

Crushin on a Reunion in 1997

Like I said in the previous year, I love how ridiculous the ‘90s were. So far we’ve seen proof of this as songs like “Macarena” and “Humpty Hump” were hits, people wanted nothing but cheesy family sitcoms on Friday nights, and theaters were filled with people wondering if Arnold Schwarzenegger could be a ‘Kindergarten Cop.’... Continue Reading →

Crushin on the Dumbest Part of 1996

Long before social media crazes featuring dances that mirror air traffic controllers, we were dancing just for the fun of it. We didn’t care if it went viral. Mostly because that term only related to a cold. We just wanted to dance, and dance we did in 1996 to a song that inspired a routine... Continue Reading →

Crushin on the World in 1993

If there is one thing that 1993 was going to do, it was release some of the best movies of the decade from ‘Jurassic Park’ to ‘Mrs. Doubtfire,’ it’s hard to deny that pure fact. It’s something Diandre Robinson, host of Mass-Debaters and fellow member of the I Did Not Make These Ranking Podcast Network,... Continue Reading →

Crushin on Fun World in 1992

Always a pleasure getting to catch up with drag performer and mutant fanatic D’Manda Martini, especially when we’re talking about everything from ‘3 Ninjas’ to the beauty of the walkman, but in our chat, we also got into ‘Bébé's Kids.’ Growing up no one other than the other two Black kids in school knew what... Continue Reading →

Crushin on the Imaginary in 1991

The year was 1991 and it would take another couple before ‘Drop Dead Fred’ became my favorite movie of all time. So despite that year delivering ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Bryan Adams, and ‘Step by Step,’ there was nothing that came about in 1991 that’s closer to my heart than the following movie because as... Continue Reading →

MMMBop Lifelong Crush Ba Duba Dop

Last year co-active life coach Karen Jane DeWitt and I bonded over our love of the blonde bombshell of the ‘90s for youths who wanted nothing more than to spend their Scholastic Book Fair money on anything and everything revolving around Hanson. Only Karen Jane DeWitt was so much cooler than me because while she... Continue Reading →

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