Never Have I Ever Had a Sexiest Man Alive Crush

I started watching ‘Never Have I Ever’ because 1. I love teen comedies and 2. It was from the mind of my writing muse, Mindy Kaling. I kept on watching because, holy hell, it’s addicting. The way it gets you invested in the love life of Devi is wild, and in her quest for teen... Continue Reading →

A Musical Middle School Crush

When it comes to a crush tale, I was absolutely enamored with what Rachel McIntyre Smith had to say about her middle school crush. The singer-songwriter fumbled big time but was in good spirits about it as we talked about the skater boy who stole her heart once upon a time. In hindsight, she was... Continue Reading →

An Elementary School Crush on Ice

When Abigail AKA The Manic Pixie Weirdo was in elementary school she came across an actor in a movie that would go on to be one of the most successful franchises ever. We talked about that crush this week, and it got me thinking…what franchise was I absolutely obsessed with at that age? Well, ‘The... Continue Reading →

A Fading Celebrity Crush 

If you were a teen or tween in the early ‘00s there was one show that was truly inescapable and that was ‘The OC.’ It took everything Gen X loved about ‘Beverly Hills, 90210,’ and placed it about an hour (with good traffic) south. It was the small screen obsession of that time, a moment... Continue Reading →

A Poor Unfortunate Villain Crush 

‘The Little Mermaid’ did a lot for Disney. After what’s called the Bronze Age AKA the era of Disney movies that struggled to initially find their footing as they were the first to come about after the passing of Walt Disney, some wondered if Disney could still be the animation powerhouse. Those movies would eventually... Continue Reading →

A Tiny Toony After-School Crush 

It’s no secret that I’ve had my fair share of animated crushes from Robin Hood to Alvin but one I’ve yet to talk about just hadn’t come up yet. That is until filmmaker Josh Stifter came through with his after-school crush and I thought, yes! Finally, it’s time to talk about my favorite blue bunny... Continue Reading →

The Silent College Crush

Just to be clear, this crush was not someone I kept secret. If you talked to me freshman year, you knew I was ready to give my heart to a guy in my English class. It was silent because I can’t remember saying a single word to him for a whole ass semester, and we... Continue Reading →

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