Never Have I Ever Had a TV MILF Crush

Well, that title isn’t true because we’re here talking about a TV MILF crush right now. After all, when Mass-Debaters’ Diandre Robinson came to me with his crush, she was and will forever be one of the most iconic mothers to ever grace the small screen. You’ll have to wait until later this week to... Continue Reading →

And the Emmy 2022 Crush Is…

‘Abbott Elementary!’  When it comes to ABC comedies, they are rarely a miss for me. Shows like ‘The Office’ and ‘Modern Family’ got me used to the whole mockumentary style, and when the characters are right - I’m in. This is why it didn’t take long for ‘Abbott Elementary’ to become a can’t miss show... Continue Reading →

A Nerdy Crush Never Says Die

As hard as it is to believe given almost everything I’ve written, not all my crushes are fox-based or from the ‘90s. My mom often just recycled a lot of what my older brother liked with me. Dwayne liked ‘Oliver and Company,’ so will kid #2. The same goes with ‘Star Wars’ and the basis... Continue Reading →

Hey Nickelodeon Crush!

There was a time in my life when Nickelodeon was this magical channel my family just could not afford to have. I think we got it around the time I was in second or third grade and from that point on, I was enamored. No more waiting for Saturday mornings to indulge in programming tailor-made... Continue Reading →

A Lifelong Crush Under the Sea

Most of us have a favorite color, food, school memory, song…the list goes on and on, and that list even includes Disney boyfriends. Any chance I get I will talk your ear off (or make you read) about Robin Hood, and we’ve even talked to Be the Spark Cosplay about her cascade of fictional crushes... Continue Reading →

Another All That Celebrity Crush

When I think back to my most formative years in regards to hyperactive hormones and doubting everything on earth, I think wow, my late 20s were something else. I also think about the plethora of teen movies I got to experience as a tween back in the glorious late ‘90s. There was a handful that... Continue Reading →

A Hall Pass Crush

By now we should all know what a hall pass crush is. It’s that person you and your partner have agreed upon is okay to sleep with if the occasion ever arises. Of course, it’s usually a famous face because it’d be awkward as hell if it was Mike, the cashier at Target, right? So... Continue Reading →

An Adulthood Crush on the Bus

When it comes to crushes, we’ve explored so many famous faces and those we had in our youth but what about an adulthood crush? Those crushes that erupt once our hormones have settled and we pay bills? This week we’re talking to life coach Eleanor Ward about a crush she had not too long ago,... Continue Reading →

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