An Homage to a Nostalgic Everyday Crush 

Michael, Travis, and perhaps even Chris spelled with a backward “r”...I’m not sure what your collective names were but you were part of the reason my friends and I couldn’t wait to pile into one of our mom’s cars and make the journey to the Palm Desert mall. This is about a particular crop of... Continue Reading →

An Icon Crush with Range 

Some time ago I was introduced to Jason Hendrickson via an email interview we did together over on ZO Magazine. We talked about fashion, music, and more but what we didn’t cover then was his love for a woman who was more than a celebrity crush, she was an icon crush. You’ll find out more... Continue Reading →

The 2022 Crush Chronicles

Back when you had to pay for cable and pretty much just watched the same handful of things almost everyone you knew did, life felt simpler. Today there are countless streaming services on top of cable and it’s just - a lot. This means that we’re being introduced to a shit ton of new TV... Continue Reading →

A Summer Workplace Crush 

If there is one thing I’m not, it’s a career woman. Perhaps it spawns from living in Los Angeles for 16 years and people always leading what, “What do you do?” instead of, “How are you?” It could also very well be that Maddy Perez is a spirit animal of mine as Ru once said... Continue Reading →

A Musical Middle School Crush

When it comes to a crush tale, I was absolutely enamored with what Rachel McIntyre Smith had to say about her middle school crush. The singer-songwriter fumbled big time but was in good spirits about it as we talked about the skater boy who stole her heart once upon a time. In hindsight, she was... Continue Reading →

An Elementary School Crush on Ice

When Abigail AKA The Manic Pixie Weirdo was in elementary school she came across an actor in a movie that would go on to be one of the most successful franchises ever. We talked about that crush this week, and it got me thinking…what franchise was I absolutely obsessed with at that age? Well, ‘The... Continue Reading →

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