Rachel McIntyre Smith’s Middle School Crush

Singer-songwriter Rachel McIntyre Smith just dropped ‘Glory Daze,’ and was kind enough to come talk about our attachment to the past, whether or not high school reunions still mean something, and more like how she fumbled big time when it came to her middle school crush! https://youtu.be/COc4HQJv_tc

DiElle’s TV Personality Crush

DiElle is not only a conservationist, she’s a singer-songwriter who has been intrigued and obsessed with music for as long as she can remember, and we’re talking all about that as well as her first big infatuation growing up, her TV personality crush on ‘Blue Peter’s’ John Leslie.  https://youtu.be/RVTXiG01urc

Halloween Movie Crush

We’ve had a couple of on theme episodes this month, so I thought - why not cap off October by talking about some Halloween movies I’ve crushed on over the years. We’re diving into a handful today and if you want to know what rounds out my top 10, then head over to crushgasmpodcast.com.  https://youtu.be/sp98yJLZtjA

Paige Lavoie’s Villain Crush

Going through the channels back in the day author Paige Lavoie stumbled upon a character that would be the start of a new chapter for herself. Sesshōmaru from ‘Inuyasha’ quickly became a villain crush that would keep close to her heart forever. She’s here to talk not only about loving the strong, silent villain, but... Continue Reading →

Josh Stifter’s After-School Crush

When it comes to after-school crushes, there was one girl that almost everyone wanted to be with, or wanted to be and that was Kimberly Hart AKA the original Pink Power Ranger from the iconic ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.’ Josh Stifter was one of those many who crushed hard on the Pink Ranger as a... Continue Reading →

Bella Maori’s College Crush

Bella Maori was a nerdy, hopeless romantic growing up, writing poems to the boys she crushed on. Fast forward to college and her professor was the one sending her poems, and alas - a college crush formed, but how did this story end? Listen and find out as we talk about not only Bella Maori’s... Continue Reading →

Diandre Robinson’s TV MILF Crush

Diandre Robinson is many things, including one of the hosts of the Mass-Debaters podcast, and he came through to tell us what’s coming up this fall on the show, and also to discuss the wonderful, wide world of TV MILFs including his TV MILF crush, the one and only Phylicia Rashad AKA Clair Huxtable from... Continue Reading →

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