Steve Madole’s Nickelodeon Crush

No views Aug 10, 2022 When Steve Madole isn’t busy coaching the next Little Giants or co-hosting ‘The Notes McGotes Podcast,’ you can find him here talking about his Nickelodeon crush on a girl who definitely melted hearts, in more ways than one, and that’s none other than Larisa Oleynik AKA Alex Mack.

Karen Jane DeWitt’s Lifelong Crush

Karen Jane DeWitt is many things, a mother, foodie, and co-active life coach but she is also a huge Hanson fan, so it only made sense that she’d stop by to talk about not only what she has to offer people with her life coaching services, but also her lifelong crush on Taylor Hanson.

Eleanor Ward’s Adulthood Crush

Eleanor Ward not only runs Prosperity Business Magazine, a publication that focuses on women in business, but she’s also a life coach helping people with Bigger Fish to Fry. We talked about what led her down those paths as well as her adulthood crush on a preacher man who had her putting miles on her... Continue Reading →

Jeremy Bryant’s TGIF Crush

Another week, another bastard, Bracket Bastard that is! This week we’re heading back to the ‘90s to talk to podcaster extraordinaire, Jeremy Bryant about not only his trio of shows - ‘Bracket Bastards,’ ‘Paranormal: The New Normal,’ and ‘Maniacal Music Musings,’ but also his TGIF crush, DJ Tanner from the hit series, ‘Full House.’

TV DILF Crushes

Time for another very special episode because with Father’s Day right around the corner we’re going to talk about one of my favorite things on earth, and that’s a DILF. TV DILFs to be exact…from my favorite San Francisco morning show host to an animated zaddy and all that fall in between.

William Hinson’s 90s Crush

William Hinson is the walking talking embodiment of a wacky inflatable tube man, but a wacky inflatable tube man with a song forever in his heart, like his June 3rd release, “She’s Hot.” He’s here to talk not only about this 90s-inspired track, but also his 90s crush on a true icon of the era,... Continue Reading →

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