Crushin on 1998 with Bradley Butin

The first time Bradley Butin came through he was talking about a workplace crush but now he’s back to talk about the year that delivered super romance in the music department, a Disney Channel Original Movie that became a cult classic, and the end of one of the most beloved sitcoms, ever. We covered all... Continue Reading →

Crushin on 1997 with Steve G.

Steve G. from Happened in the ‘90s and Over the Culture is back and ready to talk all things 1997, including a favorite hip hop album, one of the best Wrestlemanias, and more like Beanie Babies, Spice Girls, and Tom Cruise’s weird teeth. All of that and then some as we crush on the year... Continue Reading →

Crushin on 1996 with Scott Kurland

We first met Scott Kurland when he came through to talk about his Lifelong Crush on musician/actress, Jenny Lewis. Now he’s back to talk about the year that he started to super size life. We talked about our fond Happy Meal memories, our shared love of Mariah Carey, why ‘That Thing You Do’ is his... Continue Reading →

Crushin on 1994 with Steve Madole

When we first met Steve Madole he was crushing on Alex Mack’s Larisa Oleynik, and ironically enough he’s back to talk about the year that show premiered! Yup, one half of The Notes McGotes Podcast is back to talk all things 1994 from 'The Lion King' to why he believes there has been a significant... Continue Reading →

Crushin on 1991 with Jamie Dyer

It’s only fitting that Jamie Dyer come back and talk all things 1991 as his first appearance was about his childhood crush, Melissa Joan Hart - and all ‘90s kids know that she explained it all as Clarissa starting that year. We talked about that, how Mark Wahlberg was part of one of the best... Continue Reading →

Crushin on 1990 with Matt Getic

Matt Getic, first guest Crushgasm ever had, is back and ready to talk not only about co-hosting Happened in the 90s but also the year that kicked off the best decade ever, 1990. Join us as we cover the first ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’ movie, whether or not N’SYNC could have pulled a Bel Biv... Continue Reading →

Amanda Kohlhofer’s Lifelong Crush

When Amanda Kohlhofer isn’t watching ‘Halloween’ or taking on the podcast world as part of the I Did Not Make These Ranking Network as the host of The Sip List and cohost of An Evening at the Movies, she’s watching her lifelong crush, Ben Affleck, in some of her favorite movies. We talked about his... Continue Reading →

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