Tristen Davies’ Disney Channel Crush

Tristen Davies didn’t just come through to talk about his Disney Channel Crush, Selena Gomez. Oh no, we also talked about social media’s impact on the mind, how he found himself immersed in hip hop from before his time, and more like his upcoming release.

Miller C. Lashbrook’s Nerdy Crush

When Miller C. Lashbrook isn’t teaching, they’re working hard on the blog and podcast, Pop Culture Fae. Both explore the geekier side of the pop culture realm through a LGBTQ lens, so it was only fitting that Miller come through to talk about a couple of nerdy crushes, Billy Cranston from ‘The Mighty Morphin Power... Continue Reading →

Eleanor Ward’s Adulthood Crush

Eleanor Ward not only runs Prosperity Business Magazine, a publication that focuses on women in business, but she’s also a life coach helping people with Bigger Fish to Fry. We talked about what led her down those paths as well as her adulthood crush on a preacher man who had her putting miles on her... Continue Reading →

Jeremy Bryant’s TGIF Crush

Another week, another bastard, Bracket Bastard that is! This week we’re heading back to the ‘90s to talk to podcaster extraordinaire, Jeremy Bryant about not only his trio of shows - ‘Bracket Bastards,’ ‘Paranormal: The New Normal,’ and ‘Maniacal Music Musings,’ but also his TGIF crush, DJ Tanner from the hit series, ‘Full House.’

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