Crushin on All Things 1990

Matthew Getic was the first person to ever appear on Crushgasm because he’s my guy and the easiest person to get to sit down with me for any sort of experiment. He came through initially to talk about his first crush and since then has been keeping busy with Happened in the ‘90s, a podcast... Continue Reading →

Crushin on 1990 with Matt Getic

Matt Getic, first guest Crushgasm ever had, is back and ready to talk not only about co-hosting Happened in the 90s but also the year that kicked off the best decade ever, 1990. Join us as we cover the first ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’ movie, whether or not N’SYNC could have pulled a Bel Biv... Continue Reading →

Amanda Kohlhofer’s Lifelong Crush

When Amanda Kohlhofer isn’t watching ‘Halloween’ or taking on the podcast world as part of the I Did Not Make These Ranking Network as the host of The Sip List and cohost of An Evening at the Movies, she’s watching her lifelong crush, Ben Affleck, in some of her favorite movies. We talked about his... Continue Reading →

MMMBop Lifelong Crush Ba Duba Dop

Last year co-active life coach Karen Jane DeWitt and I bonded over our love of the blonde bombshell of the ‘90s for youths who wanted nothing more than to spend their Scholastic Book Fair money on anything and everything revolving around Hanson. Only Karen Jane DeWitt was so much cooler than me because while she... Continue Reading →

The Current Icon Crush List

It’s easy enough to rattle off a list of musicians that are icon crushes that we’ve been knowing, right? They have careers that have, in so many ways, influenced the basis of modern music. Whitney’s voice, Michael’s moves, Mariah’s chart-topping reign. Not to mention Madonna’s wedding dress, Elton’s piano, and Dolly’s well, Dolly’s everything. These... Continue Reading →

Jason Hendrickson’s Icon Crush

Jason Hendrickson has spent most of his life looking at Janet Jackson with hearts in his eyes, and for good reason - she’s an icon. With that, he’s here to talk not only about his icon crush, but his upcoming album release, his clothing line, and his books because like Janet, he’s got a lot... Continue Reading →

An Icon Crush with Range 

Some time ago I was introduced to Jason Hendrickson via an email interview we did together over on ZO Magazine. We talked about fashion, music, and more but what we didn’t cover then was his love for a woman who was more than a celebrity crush, she was an icon crush. You’ll find out more... Continue Reading →

The Official 2022 Crush List 

If we’re looking at the big picture - this year wasn’t that much better than the last. However, if we switch gears and ignore the politicians who continue to bicker instead of working together to ensure we’re a united country…then perhaps it wasn’t all that bad from a crush perspective…I mean, I welcomed an onslaught... Continue Reading →

2022 Crush List

We did Joe, we made it to the end of another year and with that we gained a whole new gang of crushes from non-traditional superheroes to those that made me say, NOPE in the best way possible. These are just half of my overall list, and make sure to check out for the... Continue Reading →

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