Backstreet Boys Moments: The Real Top 10

When the Backstreet Boys announced what they were doing to celebrate 30 years together, I was stoked. I live for a countdown. Then as soon as it wrapped up I was like, yeah…nah. You can listen to my thoughts and concerns on this week’s episode as I go through the entire top 30, but right... Continue Reading →

Backstreet Boys: A Lifetime of Moments 

Beatlemania came and went and from that a handful of family-centric groups. After that, New Edition planted the idea for New Kids On The Block, and in 1993 Backstreet Boys were born. April 20, 1993, to be exact, and this week is all about that 30th anniversary. In April 1993 I was four days away... Continue Reading →

Kasey Box’s Reality TV Crush

Kasey Box was just like so many of us back in 2002; glued to the debut season of ‘American Idol.’ While the world was gifted with one of the most talked about shows of the early 2000s, Kasey walked away with a reality TV crush that is still going strong. We talked not only about... Continue Reading →

Hallelujah, a Reality TV Crush

The 2000s are often looked at as the era of television in which reality took over, but long before Paris Hilton launched “That’s hot” into the zeitgeist we were already accustomed to its addicting ways via daytime talk shows that showcased everything from out of control teens to much-needed makeovers, as well as series like... Continue Reading →

Hayleigh Kurland’s Leading Man Crush

Hayleigh Kurland, known to fans of ‘Writer’s Bagel Basket’ as the WIIFFEE!, is here to talk about not only that show but also her crush on someone from one of the most iconic movies of the ‘90s, ‘Casper.’ No, we’re not talking about Devon Sawa. Well, we did a bit. Nope, Hayleigh is diving into... Continue Reading →

Crazy Rich Leading Man Crush

At the start of the year, we talked to Amanda Kohlhofer from ‘The Sip List’ about her Lifelong Crush on Ben Affleck, and that spawned a top 10 dedicated to actors in the same category; leading men who many would likely have on their own lifelong crush list. Fast forward a few months and now... Continue Reading →

A TV Genre Crush That Goes There

Do you ever talk to someone and think, I think this person and I have to be related somehow? Well, that happened when I connected with fellow podcaster and host of ‘Totally Ranked’ and ‘People Don’t Forget,’ Scott Grimes. We’re both mixed, grew up immersed in the emo scene, and have a love affair with... Continue Reading →

And the Oscar Winner Crush Goes to…

The Oscars come and go each year and every year the average person wonders, “What the hell are these movies?” Because a lot of the time the movies are the type that get shown in one fancy theater in Manhattan or Silverlake for two weeks. They’re rarely what we actually watch but hey, at least... Continue Reading →

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