Diandre Robinson’s TV MILF Crush

Diandre Robinson is many things, including one of the hosts of the Mass-Debaters podcast, and he came through to tell us what’s coming up this fall on the show, and also to discuss the wonderful, wide world of TV MILFs including his TV MILF crush, the one and only Phylicia Rashad AKA Clair Huxtable from... Continue Reading →

Never Have I Ever Had a TV MILF Crush

Well, that title isn’t true because we’re here talking about a TV MILF crush right now. After all, when Mass-Debaters’ Diandre Robinson came to me with his crush, she was and will forever be one of the most iconic mothers to ever grace the small screen. You’ll have to wait until later this week to... Continue Reading →

The 2022 Emmy Crush Winner Circle

They’ve already started awarding Emmys this week with RuPaul taking one home, and the creative darlings behind HBO’s ‘We’re Here’ winning in costume and makeup…but we’ve yet to reach the night they start dishing out the awards for Best Comedy, Best Actor in a Drama, Best Guest Actor in a Lifetime Original Movie. Okay, I... Continue Reading →

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