Halloween Movie Crush Binge List

It seems that now more than ever Halloween is a force and can and often does rival Christmas as the most wonderful time of the year. While I still lean towards December because I love those couple of weeks when it seems like the whole world is on autopilot, I can’t help but smile when the leaves turn and my cardigan sweaters get a chance to see a world outside of my closet. It’s also the perfect time of year to toss on a movie that gives big Halloween vibes. From the spooky to the funny, my Halloween movie crushes cover a lot of ground but two you won’t see are ‘Beetlejuice‘ because it got a lot of love last year, and ‘Child’s Play.’ That’s because I already spoke about that earlier this week, and for those who’ve listened to this week’s episode – then you already know half the list. If you haven’t listened – head here, and once you listen, come back and enjoy the other half of my Halloween movie crushes. 

The House with a Clock in Its Walls

This movie did well in theaters but I feel didn’t get the love it deserved. It stars Jack Black and Cate Blanchett as a warlock and a witch, there’s an orphan, and a bunch of other wacky shit. It’s a great kid’s movie but great enough that you could be my age and still fuck with it. I could not recommend this surprise winner more. 


Where my Disney Channel Original Movie kids at?! Anyone with the privilege of growing up during what I like to call the Disney Channel Renaissance knows that ‘Halloweentown’ is an iconic piece of cinema history that cannot be ignored, and that’s the reason this movie has gone from a small screen delight to a cult classic phenomenon over the years. 

Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School

There are 6342343 adaptations and stories associated with Scooby Doo, but to me – only one of them truly matters and it’s this movie. 

Ready or Not 

Was the only reason I agreed to watch this movie because Adam Brody was in it? Yes. Was he the reason I actually wound up enjoying the fuck out of it? No. This took the idea of a schoolyard game and tossed in the most heinous family game night, and you know what – I had a wonderful time with it. 

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

This was not the movie a child should’ve been watching, but if you listen to the show or read my posts…you know my mom didn’t care what I consumed, as long as it wasn’t her last cigarette or soda. 


‘Casper’ was released in 1995. Do you know the level of special effects we were working with then? Do you also know that those effects in this movie actually hold up in this endearing tale of a widow, his daughter, and a house of ghosts? Also, Devon Sawa at the end, I mean…how many people did that awaken something in back in the day? 

Get Out

Jordan Peele left no crumbs with this release, and you can hear me praise ‘Get Out’ right here. 

Hocus Pocus 

If there is one movie on this list that went above and beyond just being a movie, it’s ‘Hocus Pocus.’ People have made this their whole damn personality and I can’t be mad at it because the movie is a solid choice this time of year, and any other time you feel like watching a hot guy turn into a cat five minutes into a movie. 

The Cabin in the Woods

Like ‘Ready or Not’ I went into this movie because there was a cute boy in it. I left still loving Chris Hemsworth, but also with a new favorite movie. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how hard this was to find on DVD…and then right after I did, the shit was in every store I went to from that point on. 


This is another movie featured on this week’s episode and you know what, it’s probably my favorite one of the bunch because it took the books I was in love with as a kid, the books that made Scholastic Book Fairs such a treat, and delivered a movie that was perfection. No notes. Jack Black, once again, comes with a homerun for me. This time as ‘Goosebumps’ author R.L. Stine. From his performance as Stine and Slappy the psychopathic dummy to the overall plot and twist – again, no notes. Love it forever and always. The sequel on the other hand…listen to this week’s episode to find out my thoughts on that and ‘Hocus Pocus 2.’ 


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