Backstreet Boys Moments: The Real Top 10

When the Backstreet Boys announced what they were doing to celebrate 30 years together, I was stoked. I live for a countdown. Then as soon as it wrapped up I was like, yeah…nah. You can listen to my thoughts and concerns on this week’s episode as I go through the entire top 30, but right... Continue Reading →

‘80s Movie Crush: The Essentials 

This week the lovely Kris and Deb from ‘Today We Laughed and Learned’ came through to talk about their ‘80s movie crush, ‘The Outsiders.’ An must-see when it comes to that era because it’s not only an amazing tale, but also because it helped launch the careers of several actors we still fuck with today... Continue Reading →

And the Oscar Winner Crush Goes to…

The Oscars come and go each year and every year the average person wonders, “What the hell are these movies?” Because a lot of the time the movies are the type that get shown in one fancy theater in Manhattan or Silverlake for two weeks. They’re rarely what we actually watch but hey, at least... Continue Reading →

TV Character Crush: Nick at Nite Edition 

Getting cable was everything for a kid like myself;  someone completely and utterly obsessed with television. It was and forever will be my favorite form of entertainment, and as a kid, Nickelodeon really did a lot of the heavy lifting when it came to cementing that sentiment. I had the joy of cartoons and live-action... Continue Reading →

Crushin on All the Nostalgia

Again, it was so fitting that Mike Valdes, host of ‘Childlike At Best with Mike Valdes,’ came through for the 100th episode with a crush on nostalgia since so many of our crushes stem from memories, and we just wrapped the entire Crushin on the 90s series. Earlier this week I talked about why millennials... Continue Reading →

Crushin on All Things 1999

Like Boyz II Men once sang so beautifully, this is the end of the road. Well, at least for Crushin on the 90s. It’s been such a blast revisiting my favorite decade with some of my favorite guests from the first 89 episodes of Crushgasm! But before we look ahead to the 100th episode and... Continue Reading →

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