Celebrity Crush, Can I Keep You?

We’re dialing back this week with Shaleena, the host of ‘Everything 90s,’ a podcast about the best decade ever. However, her celebrity crush hails from the decade that followed. We’ll talk more about that later this week and for now focus on my celebrity crush from when I was a wee little one and that’s Casper himself, Junior Floyd, the boy with the parted hair, none other than Devon Sawa. 

If you were a child of the ‘90s you very well know who Devon Sawa is. He needs no introduction and if you’re still unaware of who he is – he was in the new ‘Chucky’ series where he played twin brothers who were also a pair of deadbeat dads. He’s also a pop culture icon for playing Stan in the Eminem video that bears the same name. Without him, we’d have no face to the term we heavily use today. Who knew in the ‘90s that I’d still be such a stan of the man, but I am. His Twitter gave way to a sort of Renaissance for me but let’s talk about the past right now because…man oh man was Devon Sawa it back in the day. 

Let’s start with the hair because before Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys came through with it, Sawa had laid the foundation for it to be a signature style for the decade and I could not get enough of it. My heart flutters still thinking about it. Then there were the roles he played. He was in like 10 seconds of ‘Casper’ and I’m pretty sure was one of the reasons my hormones began to develop when he said, “Can I keep you?” If he would have asked me that at eight years old, I would’ve left my family for him. Not to be dramatic, but yeah…I’m 100% on that. He was also Junior in ‘Little Giants’ and wound up liking the tomboy, and liked another in ‘Now & Then.’ How could my boy clothes wearing behind not fall even harder for him at that moment? 

Not to mention he gave me, and about a million others, a heart attack when he was in ‘Now and Then.’ If you don’t know why, you’re far too young to be here and you should look up that movie and educate yourself on cinematic art right now. 

Of course, there was always this Tiger Beat battle between him and JTT for who was the hottest heartthrob of that time before boy bands took over and while JTT is more known and people shout him out more, I’d have to say Devon Sawa was the hotter one because well, look at the receipts. JTT was the boy you crushed on before puberty while Sawa was the one you imagined yourself with while playing MASH. He was like the inbetween crush of my development between my childhood with JTT and my adolescence with Nick Carter. He was a tween dream come true in every sense of the word.

Devon Sawa was one of my initial celebrity crushes long before I even fully realized what a fucking celebrity even was. I was an eager elementary school kid in love with a ghost with a bulbous head just because when he drank some elicur, he became the prettiest boy – ever. It was that simple, and then Devon Sawa quickly started fucking with two major tomboy icons of mine in movies that I adored, and that solidified him in my heart of hearts to this day.  

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