Jeremy Bryant’s TGIF Crush

Another week, another bastard, Bracket Bastard that is! This week we’re heading back to the ‘90s to talk to podcaster extraordinaire, Jeremy Bryant about not only his trio of shows - ‘Bracket Bastards,’ ‘Paranormal: The New Normal,’ and ‘Maniacal Music Musings,’ but also his TGIF crush, DJ Tanner from the hit series, ‘Full House.’

Ep. 57: Shaleena’s Celebrity Crush

Shaleena may host the ‘Everything 90s Podcast’ but she is here today to talk about a crush from the decade that followed, her celebrity crush - Bow Wow. We dished about the cinematic masterpiece that is ‘Lottery Ticket,’ a fangirl dream come true, and of course - the ‘90s.

Celebrity Crush, Can I Keep You?

We’re dialing back this week with Shaleena, the host of ‘Everything 90s,’ a podcast about the best decade ever. However, her celebrity crush hails from the decade that followed. We’ll talk more about that later this week and for now focus on my celebrity crush from when I was a wee little one and that’s... Continue Reading →

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