Thank Gawd it’s a TGIF Crush

Streaming is definitely more convenient, but being part of the last wave of people who know what it’s like to wait for a show to come on once a week at a certain time – I’ll always have a special place in my heart for scheduled viewing. There was something magical about all of us watching in unison. Can you imagine having Twitter back when ‘American Idol’ first started? The Claynation would’ve gone off.

Anyways, not too long before we all laughed together at the horrendous things Simon Cowell would say to ‘Idol’ hopefuls, we were enamored with the Friday night block on ABC known as TGIF. So if you haven’t guessed it by now, yes, we’re talking about TGIF crushes this week with Jeremy Bryant, another ‘Bracket Bastard,’ but before we dive into the girl that made him swoon, we’ll be focusing on one of the many men from TGIF that made my heart skip a beat and that’s none other than Harvey Kinkle from ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.’ 

I’ve talked about Shawn Hunter and Bob Saget before so this week I decided to aim the crush spotlight on a man that I feel doesn’t get enough love when it comes to ‘90s heartthrobs. Every list goes on and on about JTT, Devon Sawa, and Zack Morris. Which, I’ve admittedly have talked about all of them way before Harvey BUT I’m here now to say that we need to put some respect on this man’s name. Yes, all of the above were top-tier crushes of that era, but Harvey Kinkle had this amazing boy next door charm that I feel the others didn’t quite possess like he did.

Aside from that, what I loved about Harvey is pretty similar to what William Hinson loved about Topanga, and that was the relationship aspect of his existence. Harvey was that much more admirable due to his relationship with Sabrina. For a pairing that was set in a world that consisted of magic, it was actually pretty grounded in reality. They were high school sweethearts that parted ways for what felt like an eternity, but they eventually found their way back to one another and we learned they were truly meant to be. Cue No Doubt’s “Running” (if you’re not hip with it, that was the song playing during the ‘Sabrina’ finale which just so happened to air on my sixteenth birthday). 

He was your average all-American boy next door, a soulmate for the ages, and very cute. Like, I rewatched ‘Sabrina’ during the first chapter of COVID and it’s hard not to fall in love with Harvey Kinkle. That like Dawson Leery hair, that million-dollar smile, the way he’s a jock but not in the stereotypical fashion, and his way with humor. You gotta love a man who isn’t afraid to get weird and silly, which…again, on a show with magic, does happen more often than not. 

My heart took in a lot during my teenage years, but if I had to map out all of my crushes from back then, Harvey Kinkle would 100% make the top 10 and it’s all thanks to a Friday night block of shows that helped guide me into the weekend growing up. Yes, even at 16 because like I’ve said before – I was not a cool kid who partied*. 

*was not invited to parties.


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