’90s Crush Meet World

In the midst of a rewatch, news came out that three of the core-four of ‘Boy Meets World’ treated Trina McGee like shit. Those who don’t know who Trina McGee is…you obviously didn’t watch the show. She played Angela, the only Black character to get an arc and appear more than once or even twice…Wasn’t there a Black kid when they were younger? Anyways, it left me heartbroken because aside from a singular kiss shared by Zack and Lisa over at Bayside, ‘Boy Meets World’ showed me what I wanted, a boy I thought was the cutest in the world in an actual relationship with a girl who shared my complexion. 

I love the ‘90s but when you break it down, it wasn’t as progressive as we like to believe, so Shawn and Angela were HUGE for me. Thankfully as soon as this news broke, Trina immediately said Rider Strong was not part of the aforementioned trio. I thought, thank gawd I don’t have to abandon this childhood crush that helped me so much as a kid. So while two of those three have been vocal about their past behavior and apologized, I still haven’t been able to continue that binge. This is a shame because, in the ‘90s, Shawn Hunter was my bae before the term even existed. 

And long before Angela came into the picture, my love of Shawn Hunter was rabid. He had the quintessential ‘90s hair, a smile that could kill, and was an obvious crush choice when stacked up against his on-screen BFF. At least for me anyway. Aside from his good looks, Shawn was a character I could relate to on a multitude of levels. For one, he lived in a trailer park. I mean, I came from a double-wide in less of a park and more of a white trash town, but still. He also had a rocky-ass relationship with one of his parents. Although good now, growing up I was riddled with daddy issues. Lastly, Shawn was the broke friend. The friend that was born in the back of the struggle bus. Representation comes in so many ways, but the low-income rep – yeah, that was appreciated by myself so much. This is why I also lived for ‘Roseanne,’ but that’s another story for another day. 

Being that poor kid with issues who always found themselves comforted by the normalcy of their better-off friends, was a storyline I can’t be alone in connecting with. I’m sure Shawn Hunter was a lot of strugglin’ kids’ crush for that reason. Then, of course, he found Angela’s purse, and a whole new layer was added to the reasoning behind my love of Mr. Hunter. And again, I’m thrilled to have learned that who he was with Angela on screen mirrored how he treated her off because it would’ve broken more than my heart to learn otherwise. It’d be like when you find out Santa is nothing more than a bunch of dudes making money during the holidays by having kids sit on their laps. 

Shawn Hunter, my ‘90s crush always and forever.

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