Backstreet Boys Moments: The Real Top 10

When the Backstreet Boys announced what they were doing to celebrate 30 years together, I was stoked. I live for a countdown. Then as soon as it wrapped up I was like, yeah…nah. You can listen to my thoughts and concerns on this week’s episode as I go through the entire top 30, but right... Continue Reading →

A TV Genre Countdown: Favorite Teen TV Shows

Scott Grimes, host of ‘Totally Ranked’ and ‘People Don’t Forget’ came by to break down why he’s been in love with teen TV since he was old enough to have control of the remote. We even shared a few favorites within the genre like ‘The OC’ and ‘Life As We Know It’ (IYKYK). His favorite... Continue Reading →

Crushin on All Things 1999

Like Boyz II Men once sang so beautifully, this is the end of the road. Well, at least for Crushin on the 90s. It’s been such a blast revisiting my favorite decade with some of my favorite guests from the first 89 episodes of Crushgasm! But before we look ahead to the 100th episode and... Continue Reading →

Crushin on Millennium in 1999

Here we are, the last week of Crushin on the ‘90s and this is the year that solidified this decade as the best for me. And if you are part of my generation, you can’t help but agree because, between the cascade of teen movies and the abundance of perfection on the charts, 1999 was... Continue Reading →

Crushin on All Things 1998

It’s hard not to have a soft spot in your memory for the year you graduated high school. This may just be why returning guest, host of ‘The Fandemic,’ and co-host of ‘Pre-venge of the Nerds’ Bradley Butin was drawn to 1998. We talked about what he did after getting out of his cap and... Continue Reading →

Crushin on 1998 with Bradley Butin

The first time Bradley Butin came through he was talking about a workplace crush but now he’s back to talk about the year that delivered super romance in the music department, a Disney Channel Original Movie that became a cult classic, and the end of one of the most beloved sitcoms, ever. We covered all... Continue Reading →

Crushin on Times Square in 1998

You really had to be a particular age for this aspect of 1998 I loved with every fiber of my being, and my guest - Bradley Butin of 'The Fandemic' and 'Pre-venge of the Nerds' - was just graduating high school and about to head off into the military. So perhaps he wasn’t too focused... Continue Reading →

Crushin on All Things 1996

It’s always a joy to talk to Scott Kurland, host of ‘Writer’s Bagel Basket' and co-host of ‘Hell is a Musical.’ He knows so much and while it may seem like a curse to have pop culture tidbits at your fingertips, I think it’s pretty cool. Scott was back to talk about a year he... Continue Reading →

Crushin on 1996 with Scott Kurland

We first met Scott Kurland when he came through to talk about his Lifelong Crush on musician/actress, Jenny Lewis. Now he’s back to talk about the year that he started to super size life. We talked about our fond Happy Meal memories, our shared love of Mariah Carey, why ‘That Thing You Do’ is his... Continue Reading →

Crushin on the World in 1993

If there is one thing that 1993 was going to do, it was release some of the best movies of the decade from ‘Jurassic Park’ to ‘Mrs. Doubtfire,’ it’s hard to deny that pure fact. It’s something Diandre Robinson, host of Mass-Debaters and fellow member of the I Did Not Make These Ranking Podcast Network,... Continue Reading →

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