Today We Laughed and Learned’s ‘80s Movie Crush

Kris and Deb are mothers, friends, and podcasters who found themselves so curious about the world around them that they decided to teach one another something new every week on their show, ‘Today We Laughed and Learned!’ We talked about not only their quest for and appreciation of knowledge, but also a shared love they... Continue Reading →

Current Leading Man Crush Performances I Couldn’t Get Enough Of

Hayleigh Kurland from ‘Writer’s Bagel Basket’ came through this week to talk about her leading man crush, Bill Pullman from such classics as ‘Casper’ and ‘Independence Day.’ A movie star like no other, but being that I’m more of a small screen kind of gal, I wanted to dive into some leading men from that... Continue Reading →

A TV Genre Crush That Goes There

Do you ever talk to someone and think, I think this person and I have to be related somehow? Well, that happened when I connected with fellow podcaster and host of ‘Totally Ranked’ and ‘People Don’t Forget,’ Scott Grimes. We’re both mixed, grew up immersed in the emo scene, and have a love affair with... Continue Reading →

And the Oscar Winner Crush Goes to…

The Oscars come and go each year and every year the average person wonders, “What the hell are these movies?” Because a lot of the time the movies are the type that get shown in one fancy theater in Manhattan or Silverlake for two weeks. They’re rarely what we actually watch but hey, at least... Continue Reading →

TV Character Crush: Nick at Nite Edition 

Getting cable was everything for a kid like myself;  someone completely and utterly obsessed with television. It was and forever will be my favorite form of entertainment, and as a kid, Nickelodeon really did a lot of the heavy lifting when it came to cementing that sentiment. I had the joy of cartoons and live-action... Continue Reading →

Dustin Holden’s TV Character Crush

Dustin Holden has been a lover of television for as long as he’s been alive, but around 10-years-old he found himself enamored with a TV miniseries called ‘Dark Shadows’ based on a show that came out years prior, and on that show he saw Barnabas Collins. We talked about that TV character, the crush that... Continue Reading →

I Love a TV Character Crush

Around the time Dustin Holden was falling for his TV Character crush, I was elsewhere in the world complaining about having to watch a show that would soon become my everything. You’ll find out later this week about Dustin’s crush, but before we get there - let’s talk about Lucy Ricardo. While it’s one of... Continue Reading →

Crushin on All Things 1996

It’s always a joy to talk to Scott Kurland, host of ‘Writer’s Bagel Basket' and co-host of ‘Hell is a Musical.’ He knows so much and while it may seem like a curse to have pop culture tidbits at your fingertips, I think it’s pretty cool. Scott was back to talk about a year he... Continue Reading →

Crushin on All Things 1994

So around seven years old is apparently when I started to pay way more attention to my surroundings because when I looked back at the music, movies, and television that came about in 1994 - my list of favorites was insanely hard to whittle down. Anyone who knows me knows I hate sports but put... Continue Reading →

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