The Book Crush Scholastic Champions

So I still remember the first time I ever got one of those Scholastic Book Fair brochures. If we can even call them that? That flimsy, almost tissue paper listing all the books one could order before the fair was set up in the library for a week. It was kindergarten and I was on... Continue Reading →

Lala Loves’ Book Crush

Lala Loves is a bonafide bookworm who’s spent much of her life with her head wrapped up in the pages of her favorite books. So much so that this erotica blogger and sexual health/sexuality advocate decided to come through and share about her book crush, Wesley Rush from ‘The Duff.’ We talked about why this... Continue Reading →

Page-Turning Book Crush

For the first time in Crushgasm history, we’re hitting the books! Yes, because this week we welcome Lala Loves to the show with her book crush. Which meant I had to be more of a buyer of books and more of a reader…which, you can tell from my book crush - I haven’t done a... Continue Reading →

Celebrity Crush From Then to Now

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t had a celebrity crush in their lifetime. Hell, even our great-great-grandparents likely had hearts in their eyes listening to the radio or whatever it is people did before televisions were in almost every home in America. For that reason, and because Shalenna of ‘Everything 90s’ podcast came through... Continue Reading →

Celebrity Crush, Can I Keep You?

We’re dialing back this week with Shaleena, the host of ‘Everything 90s,’ a podcast about the best decade ever. However, her celebrity crush hails from the decade that followed. We’ll talk more about that later this week and for now focus on my celebrity crush from when I was a wee little one and that’s... Continue Reading →

Comic Book Crush: Cosplayers’ Top Picks

You’re probably thinking, Kendra…you don’t fucking cosplay. Yes, this is true but in writing for Cosplay Central I’ve gone through many pages of cosplay Instagrams and attended plenty of conventions to know what comic book characters cosplayers are portraying more often than not. So to pay homage to our guest this week, cosplayer Bryant C.,... Continue Reading →

A Vintage Comic Book Crush 

Some years ago I did this annual-long series for Fandomania called Fandomanual and when I got to comics, I said that I wasn’t a traditional reader because well, I’m not. Never have I poured my heart into the superhero laced pages of a comic book, but I did love the comics that came through every... Continue Reading →

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