Jeremy Bryant’s TGIF Crush

Another week, another bastard, Bracket Bastard that is! This week we’re heading back to the ‘90s to talk to podcaster extraordinaire, Jeremy Bryant about not only his trio of shows - ‘Bracket Bastards,’ ‘Paranormal: The New Normal,’ and ‘Maniacal Music Musings,’ but also his TGIF crush, DJ Tanner from the hit series, ‘Full House.’

Thank Gawd it’s a TGIF Crush

Streaming is definitely more convenient, but being part of the last wave of people who know what it’s like to wait for a show to come on once a week at a certain time - I’ll always have a special place in my heart for scheduled viewing. There was something magical about all of us... Continue Reading →

William Hinson’s 90s Crush

William Hinson is the walking talking embodiment of a wacky inflatable tube man, but a wacky inflatable tube man with a song forever in his heart, like his June 3rd release, “She’s Hot.” He’s here to talk not only about this 90s-inspired track, but also his 90s crush on a true icon of the era,... Continue Reading →

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