Another Year, Another Sexiest Man Alive Crush

For those who are new here, when my grandma went to live with my mom - I’d visit around the holidays and we’d go through People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue and play “Who Would You Rather Bang.” She’s since passed, but to keep her memory alive…I not only celebrate the smell of school supplies and... Continue Reading →

Never Have I Ever Had a Sexiest Man Alive Crush

I started watching ‘Never Have I Ever’ because 1. I love teen comedies and 2. It was from the mind of my writing muse, Mindy Kaling. I kept on watching because, holy hell, it’s addicting. The way it gets you invested in the love life of Devi is wild, and in her quest for teen... Continue Reading →

Middle School Crush: The Bad Boys

Rachel McIntyre Smith found herself enamored as soon as a skater boy with nothing in his backpack but her middle school crush dreams, and it would’ve worked in her favor if…well, you’ll have to listen to how this singer-songwriter managed to fumble. Oh, it’s a story fit for the screen, and perhaps one day it... Continue Reading →

Josh Stifter’s After-School Crush

When it comes to after-school crushes, there was one girl that almost everyone wanted to be with, or wanted to be and that was Kimberly Hart AKA the original Pink Power Ranger from the iconic ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.’ Josh Stifter was one of those many who crushed hard on the Pink Ranger as a... Continue Reading →

A Tiny Toony After-School Crush 

It’s no secret that I’ve had my fair share of animated crushes from Robin Hood to Alvin but one I’ve yet to talk about just hadn’t come up yet. That is until filmmaker Josh Stifter came through with his after-school crush and I thought, yes! Finally, it’s time to talk about my favorite blue bunny... Continue Reading →

The 2022 Emmy Crush Winner Circle

They’ve already started awarding Emmys this week with RuPaul taking one home, and the creative darlings behind HBO’s ‘We’re Here’ winning in costume and makeup…but we’ve yet to reach the night they start dishing out the awards for Best Comedy, Best Actor in a Drama, Best Guest Actor in a Lifetime Original Movie. Okay, I... Continue Reading →

And the Emmy 2022 Crush Is…

‘Abbott Elementary!’  When it comes to ABC comedies, they are rarely a miss for me. Shows like ‘The Office’ and ‘Modern Family’ got me used to the whole mockumentary style, and when the characters are right - I’m in. This is why it didn’t take long for ‘Abbott Elementary’ to become a can’t miss show... Continue Reading →

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