TV DILF Crushes: Can I Come Over?

It’s hard to deny that at least one of your friends had a hot dad growing up, right? Well, when it comes to TV dads, that number more than triples because TV DILF crushes are plentiful on the small screen. Over the years I’ve been enamored with my fair share and as I said in this week’s episode, I had almost two dozen or so that came to me off the top of my head but we can’t shine that bright of a light. So I narrowed them down to a top 10. You could hear about half of them on this week’s bite-sized episode…and you can see where they landed and who else rounded out my TV DILF crush list below. 

Dan Conner, Roseanne/The Conners

Dan Conner is an everyday, Middle American dad that you could rely on for well, not financial stability because the Conners were broke, but that’s what I always loved about the show as a whole. I was a broke kid and when it came to that type of representation, it was delightful to see the struggle bus on TV. As for Dan, while he often drove that bus – he always managed to put his family first and that’s what I loved most. That, and his willingness to kick anyone’s ass. Remember that time Jackie’s man put hands on her and Dan landed in jail for stepping up? Ugh, my heart!

Uncle Phil, Bel-Air

I covered Uncle Phil on this week’s episode and fell in love with him for similar reasons. A man willing to do whatever needs to be done for his family is attractive, but so is Uncle Phil. I mean, you have eyes, right? 

Mike Heck, The Middle

Mike Heck takes the Midwest commonality appeal of Dan and the handsomeness of Uncle Phil and rolls them into one for me. Since the start of that show many years ago, my heart only had eyes for the patriarch of the Hecks. 

Danny Tanner, Full House

Another one covered this week on the show, Danny Tanner was one of the many stability rocks that held up my childhood, and for that, forever grateful. 

Louis Huang, Fresh Off the Boat

I’m a sucker for a dreamer and Louis is just that. 

Drew Pickles, Rugrats

How could you not fall for the hipster dad of the ‘Rugrats’ parental crew? Sorry, Stu…

Adam Braverman, Parenthood 

So I thought the actor behind Adam Braverman was a hottie on the very short-lived ‘Dirty, Sexy, Money’ so I was pleased to see him land another job with a show that walked so that ‘This Is Us’ could later run, ‘Parenthood.’ He was the oldest son of the Bravermans and often the voice of reason as juggled not only his own family but also his siblings who were…well, messes. 

Bill Williams, The Wonder Years

Bill Williams landed in my top crushes of 2021 list so you cannot be surprised he’s here. ‘The Wonder Years’ has proven to be a show that has a format that works so well, and it’s only made better by the incredible casting. So whoever put this man in Bill’s shoes, thank you…truly, thank you. He is such a cool-ass, gorgeous dad. 

Ray Barone, Everybody Loves Raymond 

If you can’t see why Ray Romano is attractive, I don’t have time for you. As Ray Barone though, oh my god…hot and hilarious. Scrumptious. 

Phil Dunphy, Modern Family 

Phil Dunphy is another that was covered on the podcast but I’ll say this, he is just one of the many amazing dads found on ‘Modern Family,’ a show that I honestly loved so much that I couldn’t bear to say goodbye to. Yup, it’s been two years and I’ve yet to watch its series finale. 

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