The Nerdy Crush Theory

Living through the era of Zack Morris and Shawn Hunter, it’d be easy to continuously fall for that out-of-this-world hot bad boy with a heart, but as time went on my tastes shifted more than I can count because my heart and hormones definitely didn’t stray far from that type up until I graduated high school. Come college though, a new type of guy started to catch my eye – nerds. So this week that’s who we’re focusing on, all the crushes that fall under that umbrella. ‘Bracket Bastards’ host Freddie Fisher III will come through later this week with his nerdy crush from a show that’s cancelation still has people talking, but first…one from a show Freddie believes went on too long, but a show I loved until the very end, Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

We can all agree that when it comes to shows on CBS, they can be a little…well, it’s one of the only major networks that still delivers very traditional comedic sitcoms; from the camera work to the laugh track. It’s a channel for small scream traditionalists AKA older folks. However, in 2007 Chuck Lorre gave way to a show that went on to be bigger than anyone could’ve ever imagined. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ was huge and it was in part thanks to one of the core cast members played by Jim Parsons, and that’s none other than the neurotic yet incredibly adorable Sheldon Cooper. 

Don’t get me wrong, the core four men of this show are all handsome as hell. I mean, I was in love with Johnny Galecki as a kid due to years of being obsessed with ‘Roseanne.’ Not to mention Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar are just as hot, each in their own way but there was always something about Sheldon Cooper. Perhaps his lengthy stance, his awkward reactions, his ability to make everyone feel a certain type of way in a conversation. It all just got me hooked and after catching a rerun during the second or third season, I quickly caught up and watched diligently until the very end. 

This was a show about comic book-loving, ‘Star Wars’ watching nerds. So the stereotypical nerd we’ve all come to know but they were also portraying legit educational nerds as they all had PhDs…well, Helberg’s Howard Wolowitz only had an MA – which Sheldon loved to remind him of. Nevertheless, they were all intelligent on top of pop culture obsessed. The latter is what often gets some people hating. Yup, because when a show reaches this level of popularity, haters gonna hate. Some nerds out there were like, this show just paints us like A, B, C…as they complained while aiting in line for a limited edition Funko Pop of Princess Leia. 

Haters aside, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and Sheldon Cooper. The show, him – the reason I went to my one and only San Diego Comic-Con. Yup, volunteered to get in free, ditched after the second day, and sat in the infamous Hall H through a handful of panels to get to theirs. Then endured a hell of a wait to get a poster signed back before they even rounded out the cast with two more members. Of course, I also lurked outside of anywhere I could in LA to meet the cast after that, including an LGBTQ-friendly church in Hollywood where Jim Parsons was doing some charity event. 

That’s all to say that Parsons played one of my favorite nerdy characters from a show that many consider nerdy as fuck, and for all of that – he’s my nerdy crush this week but stay tuned because up next…Freddie Fisher III’s from a show, that again, still has people upset when it comes to its demise.

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