Another Year, Another Sexiest Man Alive Crush

For those who are new here, when my grandma went to live with my mom – I’d visit around the holidays and we’d go through People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue and play “Who Would You Rather Bang.” She’s since passed, but to keep her memory alive…I not only celebrate the smell of school supplies and utilize the postal service, but I also continue to buy this magazine every November and play the game myself. Then last year it dawned on me that I could keep up the tradition in a new way by podcasting about it. So here we are, year two with Chris Evans on the cover…and if you listened to this week’s episodes then you know my thoughts on that. Were they good or bad? Listen and find out!

I also highlighted Jaren Lewison from ‘Never Have I Ever’ as he popped up in this year’s issue as well earlier this week. Joining him are this year’s top 10 that I found within the pages of this particular People Magazine, so let’s get to it! 

Ke Huy Quan 

There are two ‘Goonies’ we always see, Josh Brolin and Sean Astin. I mean, we see Corey Feldman but that’s more forced upon us than a choice. However, Ke Huy Quan made a huge ass impact on the world this year in ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once.’ As someone who is ride or die for ‘The Goonies,’ it made my heart smile to see how well received his performance in that was, and I also read we can expect to see him in the season of ‘Loki,’ so perhaps we’ll see him in this issue again in 2023…

Jeremy Allen White

There were a handful of people I talked about on this week’s episode and Jeremy Allen White was one of them. I’d like to repeat here, that this pick was based solely on the stellar performance he gave in ‘The Bear’ this year…which, you can totally crush on someone’s talent. 

Joe Jonas

When it comes to the Jonas Brothers, I used to lean towards Nick but over the years Joe Jonas’ personality on the interwebs has made him inch a bit higher on my list. 

Peter Krause 

A favorite from back in the day due to his role on ‘Parenthood,’ Peter Krause remains in my heart…even though I 100% clocked out of ‘911’ once Los Angeles flooded. 

Brooklyn Beckham

If Victoria and David Beckham didn’t produce the ultimate winner of the Gene Pool, I’d question everything. 

Oscar Isaac

In ‘Star Wars’ I just didn’t see it, but ‘Moon Knight,’ omfg…I can’t help but fangirl. 

Kel Mitchell

I love that Kel is getting some flowers in this issue. I’ve loved him since I was a kid and I’m forever grateful that he and Kenan not only continue to support one another but that neither has gone down a dark route in life. 

Hayden Christensen

If I were to build a Mount Rushmore of my crushes from high school, this man would definitely be up there. Always and forever. 

Utkarsh Ambudkar

Shout out to Mindy Kaling for having Utkarsh Ambudkar as her brother on ‘The Mindy Project’ and then making him the most adorable teacher ever on ‘Never Have I Ever.’ Also, if he doesn’t marry Kamala on that show in the fourth and final season, I’ll die.

Chris Hemsworth 

Like I said in this week’s episode, which you can listen to here…if Chris Hemsworth is on a list, he’s on my list. 


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