The Current Movie Star Crush List 

Since we talked to Tim Lagman about his movie star crush - that’s where we’re heading today!  And before you wonder, where the fuck is Zendaya and Michael B. Jordan - this list of movie star crushes is based on those who had movies out this year already. Yes, I'm aware I've done this earlier... Continue Reading →

Tim Lagman’s Movie Star Crush

We’re seeing stars (and much more) this week because we’re talking to none other than Tim Lagman. A sex educator and podcaster who is here to talk not only about ‘The Sex Ed with Tim Podcast,’ but also all things Tom Hiddleston…from Tumblr days to notebooks filled with dream scenarios.

Ahoy! High School Crush

Once in a while, we’ll get to a week where my crush and our guests align. This is one of those weeks as Kate Bjärgvide, aka Katie B, chatted with me about a character played by Orlando Bloom. Actually, we talked about his first and second huge roles, but today I wanted to dive into... Continue Reading →

The Current Movie Crush List 

There is no denying that if Tom Hanks walked in your line of view you would freak out because he’s freaking Tom Hanks. A movie icon. Forrest. Fucking. Gump. However, while he’s still making amazing movies today, there is a new crop of heavy hitters that have been working their way up the icon ladder... Continue Reading →

Crazy Rich Movie Crush 

It’s hard to remember a time before COVID but alas, there was. Years prior to 2020 in which I didn’t know just how many grown-ass people around me were that freaking stupid. Oh, to be oblivious to the idiots again…Those years were also filled with so many instances of sneaking snacks into morning matinees.  One... Continue Reading →

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