A Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Nickelodeon Crush List

It’s hard not to fall in love with at least one character when watching TV as a kid, right? Glued to the small screen for hours, you find yourself enamored with the characters placed before you, and for many of us growing up – that small screen is dead set on Nickelodeon. Whether you’re a ‘90s kid who experienced the best of the best or are just being introduced to it, there is one or more characters that have made an impression on your heart. For Steve Madole, co-host of ‘The Notes McGotes Podcast,’ it was Larisa Oleynik’s Alex Mack, for me it was ‘Hey Arnold,’ and for you – perhaps one of the following characters that have been more than a fair share of peoples Nickelodeon Crush over the years. 

Clarissa Darling 

We’ve given so much love to Melissa Joan Hart here in the past and I’m sure it’s never going to stop because while she’s a holiday movie staple today, she started out as the insanely cool Clarissa where she really tried to explain it all. 

Invader Zim 

He’s green, a little mean, and not of this world but something was endearing about the space alien that made him a fan favorite for the Hot Topic shoppers out there. 


When it comes to Nickelodeon fandoms, ‘The Legend of Korra’ is one of the mightiest, and part of that is fans’ love of the titular character. 

Kenan & Kel

This is a two-for-one because I really do feel they were such a solidified unit that balanced one another out too well…even though they could both be a hot mess express with their shenanigans. 

Debbie Thornberry 

You either wanted to be her or be with her. Either way, Debbie was IT.

Ted McGriff

A few weeks ago Leah Liguori talked about her Hall Pass crush, Luke Perry, but also mentioned Ted from ‘Hey Dude.’ The show was even mentioned this week so like, we were all obsessed with this series? 100%. 

True Jackson

‘True Jackson’ came in at the tail-end of Nickelodeon for us elder millennials but for those who are my brother’s age who hold up the backend of our generation – they knew long before the world that Keke Palmer was and will forever be that girl.

Beck Oliver

Again, you could easily pluck anyone from the ‘Victorious’ cast and put them on this list but since I’m the one at the keyboard, Beck it is.

Taina Morales

This one is for all the people out there who tuned into ‘Taina,’ but most of all for my younger brother who crushed on this girl, hard!

Danny Phantom 

Another Nickelodeon fandom that is wild? ‘Danny Phantom.’ When Nick axed this show, these people protested at the Kids’ Choice Awards. I know because I was there and it was a sight to see. 


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