The Official 2022 Crush List 

If we’re looking at the big picture – this year wasn’t that much better than the last. However, if we switch gears and ignore the politicians who continue to bicker instead of working together to ensure we’re a united country…then perhaps it wasn’t all that bad from a crush perspective…I mean, I welcomed an onslaught of new crushes into my heart. What about you? Did you also find yourself enamored with Keke Palmer, what about a ‘Mean Girl’ alum, or perhaps a band that never fails to impress? With all of that said, let’s get into my 2022 crush list

Keke Palmer

This week’s bite-sized episode featured a handful of the following crushes, and Keke Palmer kicked that off. From ‘Nope’ to her hilarious anecdotes off-screen to her revealing ‘SNL’ monologue, it was hard not to fall even more in love with Keke in 2022.  

I Did Not Make These Rankings Podcast Network 

Being a lone wolf for most of my adult life when it came to creative endeavors, I didn’t expect to find a community within podcasting. I thought I’d continue to put things out and that’d be that. Then I met Diandre from Mass-Debaters, and eventually was asked to join a network he’d been thinking of along with The Sip List, An Evening at the Movies, and Love is Black. It’s been great getting to know Dre more, as well as Amanda, Kasey, and Harvey – meeting weekly for drafts, losing said drafts (one day victory will be mine!), but always having a great time with the I Did Not Make These Ranking Podcast Network.


For more on how shocked I was, I genuinely enjoyed something from DC, check out this week’s episode where I failed to mention it, but I’ll say it now – ‘Peacemaker’ has one of the best intros of all time.

Libby, Fleishman Is in Trouble 

Initially, the only reasons I was watching ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’ were Jesse Eisenberg and Adam Brody. However, after only a handful of episodes, it was Lizzy Caplan’s Libby that won me over. A burnt-out writer who is sort of lost as to what to do as she watches the lives of everyone around her pass her by? Janis Ian done grew up into another woman I could 100% relate to, and I love Caplan for bringing Libby to life. 

Roscoe’s Viewing Party 

RuPaul’s Drag Race’ has been a constant in my life for so long now that it’s just ingrained in me at this point, and I do wish I lived somewhere I could head to weekly to enjoy with fellow fans. Alas, I do not but thankfully I can tune in and watch Roscoe’s Viewing Party and feel like I’m part of the fandom that way. It’s been such a joyous new addition to my weekly viewing that sometimes I look more forward to that than the actual episode! 

Gordita Chronicles

If you did not watch ‘Gordita Chronicles’ on HBO Max this year, you missed out on such a fun family sitcom, as I explained why earlier this week. Check that out here

Homelander, The Boys

This year we finally gave ‘The Boys’ a chance and it was NOTHING like I assumed it was going to be, and on top of gaining a new favorite show – I gained a new crush. Antony Starr’s Homelander, omfg. Like, look at him. The Zack Morris bleached hair, the arrogance of ‘Queer as Folk’s’ Brian Kinney, and the psychoticism of Dexter all rolled up into one asshole I could not get enough of from the second I laid eyes on him. 


Nothing says my birth year starts with a 19 much like saying shit like, remember buying concert tickets at a store? Alas, I do. In high school and the first couple of years of college, we could go to record stores or even Sears and pick up tickets. Then we got used to the battlefields of Ticketmaster, trying to have the quickest fingers in the west to get tickets to everything from New Found Glory to Backstreet Boys. So I know all too well how frustrating that ticketing service can be and still is. I’d say this whole verified fan thing just complicated shit even more so I was thrilled to see that Taylor Swift’s fans made a lot of noise this year when Ticketmaster basically screwed many of them (including me) over. I swear, no group of people gets things done more than a gang of scorned fans. 


Not going to lie, Paramore will likely be on the list again next year as the album drops – but seeing as how they released a couple of singles in 2022 and went on a fall tour, they’re popping up right now. I’d only gone to three shows before Paramore in Ohio since the pandemic; Alanis, Bob and Monet, and Colbie Caillat. All of those were seated with masks on. So I was venturing outside of so many comfort zones when I journeyed to Cincinnati for the show with my guy and pup by my side. They chilled at the hotel while I stood in the cold for my little wristband to ensure a good spot later, and it was well worth it because while everyone settled in on the right side of the stage closest to the entrance and the middle – I walked over to the barricade on the far left and had all the dancing room. As soon as they started, every anxiety melted away and it was the first time in so long that I felt at ease. Now I cannot wait for the record and a show in Nashville in the new year!

Human Resources

When it comes to Netflix, no one makes me smile more than Nick Kroll – at least when he’s animated. ‘Big Mouth’ has been my go-to for years now, but in 2022 Kroll gave way to the spin-off and while it took a couple of episodes for me to groove with it – I eventually loved it just as much as ‘Big Mouth.’ Nick Kroll, my animated crush. Who knew?


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