TV Crush: The Anti-Heroes

This week we talked to author Melissa Sercia about her TV crush and with Khal Drogo from ‘Game of Thrones’ sort of falling into that anti-hero realm a bit, that’s the route I decided to take with my Crush of the Week, as well as today’s listicle. These are my personal favorites from over the years that have made me do a double-take because you’re not supposed to love a bad person, but these characters have made it so hard to hate them. 

Dolores, Westworld 

Robots became my thing after getting a toy one in 9th grade and taking it everywhere with me for years. So a whole ass show about them rising up and kicking ass? Yeah, I was in. Granted, I need a major breakdown every week it airs because Dolores and the rest of the crew are confusing as hell. She’s not my absolute favorite character, but in this category – she makes the cut. 

Negan, The Walking Dead

Once Negan was caught and those people were rocking undead masks, I peaced out but before all of that – there was something undeniable about Negan. His cocky charm and rugged good looks, hot damn. 

The Gemstones, The Righteous Gemstones

If you have yet to check out ‘The Righteous Gemstones,’ please do so. There is only one season so you have time to fall in love with his batshit crazy, Evangelical Christian family that is as kind-hearted as Joel Osteen during a storm. 

Dr. House, House 

There are two shows on this list where I was watching day one, obsessed and ‘House’ is one of them. I don’t regularly go to doctors and frankly, this show verged on horror sometimes with the random-ass ways people wound up in the ER…but all of that said, I endured because Hugh Laurie was fucking fantastic as House. Like, why else would I have been that infatuated with an older man with a pill-popping problem? 

Amanda Woodward, Melrose Place

I’ve said this a few times before – either here or elsewhere – but my mom had me watching ‘Melrose Place’ way too young, but bless her heart for that because how else would I have been inspired by the HBIC that was Amanda Woodward? I eagerly watched every week for Heather Locklear’s character because again, she was a bitch – but a boss bitch, and even at like…eight? I was inspired. 

The Gang, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

‘House’ was one and this is the other, but this was random as fuck for me to start watching but I’m so glad I did because from the pilot to today, these pieces of trash have given me some of the best TV moments of my adult life. 

Brian Kinney, Queer as Folk 

As far as anti-heroes go, Brian is not like the traditional one. He had way more heart than so many that fall into that category but he was sort of an asshole and had moments that made you question his character. Plus, I mean – any time I can shine a light on Gale Harold, I’m taking it. 

The Byrdes, Ozark

Bonnie and Clyde would be shaking if they ever came across this family. Like, they went from suburban bores to running a fucking crime ring and being in cahoots with the cartel. What…?

Klaus Michaelson, The Originals

By now you’ve obviously listened to me and Melissa talk about Jason Momoa’s character on ‘Game of Thrones,’ and in doing so know that we’re both huge fans of Joseph Morgan’s character on ‘The Originals.’ As soon as I saw this character on ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ it was over for me. I was like, well, take my heart because it’s all for you. The way he loved so much, but also could turn around and wipe out whoever he felt like…I don’t know y’all. Perhaps it was that accent making it seem like whatever he did was fine. 

Dexter Morgan, Dexter

For all the reasons Dexter is my #1 anti-hero bae, head here.


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