Sexual Awakening Crush: The Shows That Kept Millennials Awake

Karma and Master Joshua’s story could be a movie or even a well-documented series, which made me think…what TV shows sexually awoke millennials to the point that we’d regard them as a crush in some weird way? After thinking about it and scrolling through an endless list of shows from the ‘90s and ‘00s, I present you with the top TV shows that sexually awoke a generation and note, I did omit the likes of MTV’s Spring Break because that wasn’t so much a show as it was a chunk of programming dedicated to gyrating. Also MIA is HBO’s ‘Real Sex’ because we already talked about it, so not it’s time to see what shows kept us awake back in the day. 

Beverly Hills, 90210

As far as the times were concerned, ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ was pretty racy for a teen program. These students were far more advanced than the kids over at Bayside let on. Even though we all know those kids were fucking. Over in Beverly Hills, it wasn’t just the subject matter that got us interested, it was the bevy of hot ass actors too. I mean, we already explored this with Leah back when we talked to her and her husband, Chris, about their Hall Pass crushes and she was very open about Luke Perry’s Dylan McKay. Which, I mean…look at him. Not only him, but the whole cast was amazing and far from teens, which I think ignited our hormones to want more than just JTT and Topanga

The X-Files

Some have Ross and Rachel, others have Mulder and Scully. Despite being on a show featuring some scary ass shit (I was a child, the theme song alone terrified me), there was a lot of sexual tension between the leads of ‘The X-Files’ and many viewers took notice, even the ones that were braver than me to watch at a young age. With that, this nerdy ass show spawned a sexual awakening for many. 

X-Men: The Animated Series

There were a lot of animated characters back in the day that made us do a double take from Demitri in ‘Anastasia’ to ‘Space Jam’s’ Lola Bunny, but as a whole – we have to shine a light on one of the best-animated series of all time and that’s ‘X-Men: The Animated Series.’ This show served up hot-ass superheroes on a plate and kids ate them shits up. That wasn’t just because Wolverine was stacked and Rogue was gorgeous, it was because these characters also resonated with a lot of fucking outcasts and nothing makes us crush harder than really being understood, right? 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If there is one thing ‘Buffy’ was gonna do, it was make their fans feel a certain type of way and it wasn’t just for the heteros. ‘Buffy’ was one of the first hit series aimed at young folks that featured LGBTQ characters, which mattered a lot to kids who may not have wanted to watch the sitcom ways of ‘Will & Grace.’ Also, when you have Spike and Angel, I mean…FUCK. ME.


Not as highly known and revered as every other show on this list, ‘Undressed’ was an anthology series that featured the overall dating lives of hot people in the LA area. They often featured sexual encounters and for those who’d dare not get caught on HBO after 10pm, this show was the jumping-off point for the sexually curious. 

Sex and the City 

The way people based their whole ass life around the lives of these four women in New York City was wild, but one can never deny ‘Sex and the City’s’ impact on the way people viewed relationships, sex, and well, fashion. 

Degrassi The Next Generation

The wildest thing about ‘Degrassi’ is that we weren’t watching 30-year-old Luke Perry pretend to be a sophomore. No, these were people our age doing things that some of us were doing and some of us (me) would not do until way later in life, and we were more than enamored, we were obsessed. I mean, if you didn’t learn about sex from ‘Degrassi’ in the 2000s, you were probably actually having sex. 

Melrose Place

Fox never showed too much, just alluded to it and no show in the ‘90s did that better than ‘Melrose Place.’ Why my mother allowed me to watch this, I’ll never know. Did anyone else watch this and get some insight into the birds, bees, and drama? 


Long before Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron attempted to…well, I’m not sure what they tried to do with that ‘Baywatch’ movie but whatever it was, they failed. It just couldn’t capture the magic that was the hit TV series. Which, it was bad. I can’t sit here and say it was a masterclass in acting or writing. It was a cheesy show featuring insanely attractive men and women wearing very little and we lived for it. LIVED.

Queer as Folk 

Brian Kinney was fucking every other episode, Emmett once fucked an older man to death on a plane, Melanie and Lindsey were fucking when they weren’t arguing over Brian’s antics, Michael was getting it, and even Ted. This show had a lot of sex, but true fans know that we tuned in for so much more. The sex was just a cherry on top. Plus, it was quite possible that many were seeing same-sex couples sexually for the first time, other than a couple of hours after ‘Queer as Folk’ when the real wild shit started to air, of course. 

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