Love You Wildcat: A Disney Channel Original Movie Crush 

This week is a mouthful because you can hear me and the hosts of ‘Disney Channel Original Noobies’ talk about their Disney Channel Original Movie crushes this week, but of course, we have to get personal at the start of the week with a crush that is far from unique because who didn’t fall madly in love with Zac Efron when he portrayed the tormented soul that was Troy Bolton in not one, not two, but three DCOMs otherwise known as the ‘High School Musical’ franchise? 

So first of all, shout out to my friend since 9th grade, Gerardo, for texting me to turn it to the Disney Channel on January 20, 2006. It was only a few minutes in, and sadly (but also amazingly) it was a huge part of my…college years. Yeah, I was not the wild party girl but rather a wannabe Wildcat. Which, I’d much rather be that than…whatever the hell the mascot was for the college I attended. 

Anyways, the story of ‘High School Musical’ was far from original. Troy Bolton was a cool athlete that could…omg…sing too?! BUT he was confused because how the fuck could he do both East High School in Albuquerque, NM – that just was not allowed to happen. You had to stick to the status quo and whatnot. I mean, there was a whole ass song and dance about it, so you know they were serious. While the plot wasn’t the most WOW thing I’d ever seen, Zac Efron was. That gap, that hair, those moves…he was meant to be the star of a Disney franchise. 

If DCOMs had been as poppin’ in the early ‘90s as they were in the late ‘90s and 00s, I’m sure Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake would still rank top of the DCOM crush list for many, but alas…that never was the case so Zac Efron stands above them all in terms of just straight hotness. Okay, so Ryan Merriman was amazing in ‘Luck of the Irish,’ and Gregory Smith owned my heart in ‘Zenon,’ but…okay, have you seen Troy Bolton have a mental breakdown on a golf course? Exactly. No comparison. 

So, Troy Bolton, I’d bet on you any time, any day, always, and forever. Love you Wildcat!

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