Sexual Awakening Crush: Their Attention Has Us Wide Awake

Usually, sexual awakenings happen via watching television or movies as we’ve discussed in the past when I spoke of Patrick Swayze, but this week we discovered a new type with Bruce Nachsin. Go on ahead and listen here or here, whichever is your preference.  So now that you’ve listened and are all caught up on... Continue Reading →

Sexual Awakening Crush: The Late Bloomer

Only those who had to shop in the husky section as kids know the horrors that come with being a fat kid on the playground. It’s not just the teasing and incessant feeling worthless, as we get older we tend to feel more and more unattractive because well, the world has made it so that... Continue Reading →

An Awakening

The wonderful thing about my guest this week's story is that their sexual awakening it wasn’t just one singular moment. Which, I think many can attest to because each time you reach a new level of sexual maturity - or in their case, a personal discovery of self - you’re going to be awoken in... Continue Reading →

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