Sites to Meet a Sexual Awakening Crush

Layla of The Curious Girl Diaries let us know this week that after a dry spell, she hopped on an app and in no time got over that hump. It’s also where she met her sexual awakening crush, Cowboy N. You can hear more about their sexcapades here, and for those inspired to have your own sexual awakenings today – check out these sites below. 


You can hook up or actually find a relationship. Not to brag, but that’s where I met my guy of almost eight years. 


A premier site for gay men looking to explore what’s out there. 


Looking for local singles in your area…

Plenty of Fish

I’ve heard a lot about success stories on here as well, so you may get a partner and a sexual awakening. 


Not as hoppin’ as Tinder but if you want an alternative, check it out. 


When you go on Pure, you’re not exactly looking for long-term…


A favorite in the LGBTQ community and couples are more than welcome to join as a pair. 


Great for international dating, but your awakenings may have to happen via Zoom. 


This one’s going to cost you, but if you’ve got some kink in you – it may be worth the investment.

The downside here is a number of fake profiles but if you can get past those, you’ll be in a kinky paradise. 


They say it’s designed to be deleted, but there are plenty of people on there just looking for the sex. 

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