Sexual Awakening Crush: Their Attention Has Us Wide Awake

Usually, sexual awakenings happen via watching television or movies as we’ve discussed in the past when I spoke of Patrick Swayze, but this week we discovered a new type with Bruce Nachsin. Go on ahead and listen here or here, whichever is your preference. 

So now that you’ve listened and are all caught up on Bruce’s story of Dawn, Tower Records, and a sexual awakening crush that went wrong but came with a lesson – it’s time to take a look at this week’s inspired by said lesson. It’s the things our crushes can do to make us feel attractive. Yes, I know that what others think of you shouldn’t matter but when you grow up the fugly duckling, it’s hard not to let the attention of those we crush on awaken us in new and exciting ways.

Smile as Us

It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way. 

Be Our Partner in School 

You remember when you were younger and you had to pick a partner and for some reason, your crush picked you, and then you went home and wrote obsessively about it for months?

Compliment You 

Even “nice shoes” would make your heart flutter. 

Okay, so this is 100% not something we could’ve done back in my day as we did not have that level of social media. Hell, I didn’t even have the internet growing up…

Remember Shit 

Hey, most of us would fall for anyone who remembered details about us…

Take Your Suggestion 

Say you told them about a particular band or movie and then they went and invested time into looking up the thing they told you about?! 

Touch You Playfully 

I’m not entirely sure what my body would’ve done if my high school crush ever touched my arm in 10th grade. 

Communicate with You Outside of School

Back in my day, it’d be a call. Today, it could be anything from a text to a DM. 

Invite You Out 

Usually a group activity, but still – they saw you as worthy enough to be seen with in a social setting. 

Kiss You

This is a huge one that most of us little self-conscious ducklings will never see but if you reached this level of attention from your crush – you were more than awake, you were fucking pulling all-nighters.

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