Sexual Awakening Crush in the Jungle

There are a million and one movies to choose from when talking to a person my age and the topic of sexual awakening. ‘Cruel Intentions’ comes up every other week, and while I wanted to lean into the glory that is Sebastian Valmont, the kiss seen round the world in the park, and more – I decided to shine a light on a movie that was not meant to get our engines roaring, but I very well know did, and that is 1997’s ‘George of the Jungle’ starring the one and only Brendan Fraser in the titular role. 

There has always been something utterly sexual about the story of Tarzan, right? Jane coming across this wild man raised by gorillas in the depths of the jungle, falling for him, and clearly fucking in a treehouse. At least that’s where my mind always went, and I’m pretty sure a lot of others shared those thoughts. Anyways, this movie put every Tarzan-related fantasy on the big screen in the most innocent of ways as this movie is far from great. I fucking love the ‘90s but this is…not the best the decade had to offer in terms of cinema but in terms of being a movie 10-year-old me looked at and thought, OMFG…DAT BODY – give it the Best Picture Oscar and call it a day. 

Brendan Fraser wore clothes for like .3 seconds, at least from what I can remember. Most of the time he was glistening in a loincloth. Every scene in said loincloth further sent my developing parts into hyperdrive because I mean, have you seen Brendan Fraser in this movie? Fuck. Me. It wasn’t like I’d never seen a male body before. It was 1997, and we had cable. MTV was always highlighting some beefcake, but this…THIS was a whole other level that my body took notice and was like, yeah…I LIKE THAT. 

It wasn’t just his body though. Brendan Fraser also had some of the best hair during that era, and that love goes back to ‘Encino Man.’

But again, this movie probably wasn’t meant to awaken anything in me in 5th grade but it sure did. Of course, I don’t want to give ‘George’ all the glory here because for some, Fraser wasn’t just IT in this movie – but was also their sexual awakening crush a couple of years later in ‘The Mummy.’ A movie so beloved, you’d likely start a riot to tell a fan it was subpar. Actually, ‘The Mummy’ is often credited today as a sexual awakening moment for those who tend to like guys and gals because the cast was that gorgeous.

Of course, we all know Brendan Fraser sort of stepped away from the limelight, but there has been this sort of renaissance as of late and 10-year-old me cannot be happier to see that he’s back and ready to be part of our big screen memories once more. But no matter what, hats off forever to a man who took one of the dumbest movies of the ‘90s and made it so damn memorable for many, many, masturbatory reasons. 

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