Millennial High School Crush Fantasies

With Kate Bjärgvide talking about her high school crush, Legolas, this week I thought that perhaps it was the perfect time to dive down that fantastical rabbit hole. Hold up, you haven’t listened yet? Okay, here is a link and another link. No excuse. 

Now that you’re back and have learned more about my girl Katie B…Let’s continue. 

Legolas comes from the world of fantasy and when me and Kate were growing up, there were plenty of TV shows and movies that delivered on that front from vampires to time travelers. So it’s time to take a look at the movies and shows where a lot of millennials’ crushes came from that leaned more towards the fantasy and sci-fi realm of it all.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Not sure if I’ve ever shared this here but I was BOTHERED when I saw ‘Buffy’ was on one day back in the ‘90s and it was this show and not the movie. However, I’m in the minority here because the TV show was a pop culture phenomenon while the movie remains a cult classic, respectfully. But yes, Buffy and her friends and foes ruled the adolescent hearts of millennials from the late ‘90s on and when I say that fans are obsessed, I mean it. I don’t think a casual fan of this show can exist. 

Pirates of the Caribbean 

You can read about my love of William Turner here, but to add to that – ‘Pirates’ not only had Orlando Bloom, but also Johnny Depp – who at that point was a crush for Boomers and Gen X – and Keira Knightley. This cast was stacked and the fact that they made 17 of them proves that if you put insanely hot people in a movie, audiences will come. 

Xena: Warrior Princess

We don’t need to get into why ‘Xena’ is miles above ‘Hercules,’ but…nah, I’ll just move on and say Xena was a grand presence on the small screen that many have attributed to being their own sexual awakening, which includes many realizing their own sexuality as well. 

Lord of the Rings

I asked Kate about whether or not she crushed on anyone else from ‘Lord of the Rings’ and, well you’ll have to listen to find out. Because I felt that this was a pretty handsome cast of crushes. Maybe not so much in the movie as hobbits, but outside of the Shire when promoting the movie.


You know millennials are down with witchcraft. They snuck around watching ‘The Craft’ and today still can’t let go of ‘Hocus Pocus’ and ‘Halloweentown.’ Which, no shade. Those are great movies so you know some of them were more than obsessed with the witchery that was ‘Charmed.’ 


This show premiered when I was a freshman in college and just ended. If that doesn’t tell you how bad my people were hyping up the men on this show, I don’t know what else will. 

Doctor Who 

Okay, so this show has been on for like 458 years but when David Tennant came through that Tardis as the tenth doctor, my people took notice and became absolutely rabid. 

Star Wars

What generation doesn’t have some sort of connection to ‘Star Wars?’ Millennials loved the old and the new, but in the 2000s Hayden Christiansen helped a lot of people appreciate the new mostly because he was, I mean, look at him.


‘Firefly’ is often regarded as one of the top shows that were taken too soon, and if you’re ever at a convention and run into a 30-something…there’s a 1 in 3 chance they’ll tell you for 40 minutes why that is so.


Wait, the guy from ‘Buffy?’ Yes, this hunk of a man that was one-part vampire and one-part missing 98 Degree member helped lead a spinoff show that managed to have its own, separate following. It didn’t hurt that the lead was again, hot as fuck.

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