IDNMTR Podcast Network Hall Pass Crush List

Every day there is a chance I will refer to at least three famous people as my boyfriend, but in reality, only a handful actually are on my Hall Pass crush list. So I couldn’t very well go at it again. Although I did go in about Bill Hader earlier this week…Anyways, with that, I enlisted some help from the members of the I Did Not Make These Ranking Podcast Network. You already met Harvey Laguerre from ‘Love is Black‘ and ‘Men Are the P.R.I.Z.E.Men Are the P.R.I.Z.E.” earlier this week when we chatted about his #1 Hall Pass crush, Sanaa Lathan but who are his others?

You can find out that below, but on top of Harvey’s, we’re going to get into a couple of other former guests who are part of the network; Amanda from ‘The Sip List’ and Dre from ‘Mass-Debaters.’ And introduce the Crushgasm realm to Kasey from ‘An Evening at the Movies’ and Cam, the queen of all things Mass-Debaters. 

Salma Hayek

I think we can all agree with Harvey on this one. I mean, look at the material. From ‘Fools Rush In’ to ‘Eternals’ and everything in between, when Salma Hayek is on screen, your eyes are on her and only her. 

Gordon Ramsay

It’s hard to know where to categorize Gordon Ramsay. Is he a bad boy? He very well comes across like that on ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ but at the same time if you see him on just about any other show – he’s the definition of a sweetheart. Guess this is the type of crush you call a handsome wild card, right Amanda?

Margot Robbie 

Like Salma Hayek, Margot Robbie knows how to steal a scene (and Kasey’s heart). Even when I don’t think she means to like in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘Suicide Squad.’ You can’t help but fall for her, especially in ‘Barbie,’ AKA the best movie of 2023. 

Jalen Hurts

What’s wild is that in 100 shows, no one has come through with a crush on an athlete. Now that seal has finally broken thanks to Cam’s love of Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback, Jalen Hurts. 

Phylicia Rashad

Those who’ve been here before know that when it comes to TV MILFs, Dre has eyes for the one and only Phylicia Rashad

Kim Fields

How could one be a youth in the ‘80s and not fall in love with one of the girls from ‘The Facts of Life?’ They had someone for almost everyone, including Harvey. 

Idris Elba

Charles Miner might be one of the best/worst characters to come through Scranton, PA BUT he’s definitely top 5 hottest men to ever appear on ‘The Office.’ Amanda knows that and her love for Idris Elba doesn’t stop at his guest-starring role either. Oh no, she’ll watch any and every movie he’s in. Guess you can say she has a thing for great actors

Kiera Knightley

A lot of people go on and on about ‘The Mummy’ being the most sexually awakening. We even talked about that with Jon Reilly when we crushed on 1999, BUT if there’s a movie that gives that gem a run for its money, it’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ Not only does it star Kasey’s boy, Johnny Depp, but also his crush, Kiera Knightley. 


I have to admit, when Cam first texted me about this crush I thought, the Renaissance man himself? Which wouldn’t be wild as we’ve had an artist crush before but alas, it was the actor who is making quite the rounds. He’s been on three huge shows in recent years; ‘Grown-ish,’ ‘All American,’ and ‘BMF.’ 

Meagan Good

She’s thought like a man, been a superhero, palled around with a puppet named Skeeter, and managed to win over Dre’s love and devotion. 


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