Reality TV Crush: The Shows That Defined the Genre

At the start of this week, I talked about the 2000s and how they’re often looked at as the era in which reality TV was born. Yes, it surely is the time in history where we saw a massive amount but reality TV dates back to the early days of television when things were still... Continue Reading →

Kasey Box’s Reality TV Crush

Kasey Box was just like so many of us back in 2002; glued to the debut season of ‘American Idol.’ While the world was gifted with one of the most talked about shows of the early 2000s, Kasey walked away with a reality TV crush that is still going strong. We talked not only about... Continue Reading →

Hallelujah, a Reality TV Crush

The 2000s are often looked at as the era of television in which reality took over, but long before Paris Hilton launched “That’s hot” into the zeitgeist we were already accustomed to its addicting ways via daytime talk shows that showcased everything from out of control teens to much-needed makeovers, as well as series like... Continue Reading →

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