IDNMTR Podcast Network Hall Pass Crush List

Every day there is a chance I will refer to at least three famous people as my boyfriend, but in reality, only a handful actually are on my Hall Pass crush list. So I couldn’t very well go at it again. Although I did go in about Bill Hader earlier this week…Anyways, with that, I... Continue Reading →

Harvey Laguerre’s Hall Pass Crush

Harvey Laguerre is set on spreading the love, as well as the message that it’s okay to not feel okay with his two shows; ‘Love is Black’ and ‘Men Are the P.R.I.Z.E.’ An extraordinary host who handles things alongside his hot wife on one and solo on the other as he dives into everything from... Continue Reading →

A Barry Special Hall Pass Crush 

There is this underlying rule in every relationship that if you were to ever be approached by a celebrity you liked, you could hook up with them, no questions asked, no repercussions. We commonly call that a Hall Pass, and this week Harvey Laguerre, host of ‘Men Are the P.R.I.Z.E.’ and co-host of ‘Love is... Continue Reading →

Our Hall Pass Crush List

Since Chris and Leah Liguori were cool enough to talk not only about their podcasts, ‘Pub Trivia Experience’ and ‘Boozy Bracketology,’ their top hall pass crushes, but also some other ones each of them have on a list…I decided to make Matt list out his five to join my five. So below are our up-to-date... Continue Reading →

A Hall Pass Crush

By now we should all know what a hall pass crush is. It’s that person you and your partner have agreed upon is okay to sleep with if the occasion ever arises. Of course, it’s usually a famous face because it’d be awkward as hell if it was Mike, the cashier at Target, right? So... Continue Reading →

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