A Hall Pass Crush

By now we should all know what a hall pass crush is. It’s that person you and your partner have agreed upon is okay to sleep with if the occasion ever arises. Of course, it’s usually a famous face because it’d be awkward as hell if it was Mike, the cashier at Target, right? So in order to take on this week, we couldn’t just talk to one person – no, we got a couple on this week to chat about not only their two shows, but a pair of hall pass crushes that they mentioned pretty early on in their relationship. But before we talk to podcasters Chris and Leah Liguori, we’ll check in on one of mine. 

Let me start by saying that Jesse Eisenberg is a celebrity crush of mine that I have done the bare minimum for. Unlike Nick Carter, I have no idea where ‘The Social Network’ star was born, his birthday, or even his favorite color…by the way for Nick those answers are Jamestown, NY, January 28, 1980, and green. Nope, none of that information about Jesse Eisenberg populates my mind. I also didn’t go down a large rabbit hole and watch almost anything he did, like I did with Channing Tatum. Instead, he is and will likely always be that random celebrity I happened to see in a movie here and there who made me think hot damn!

I’m not sure what it is about Jesse Eisenberg either. Having just looked up his height, I’m 100% sure if I’d known that from day 1 – we would not be here today because I’m a heightist. What I think initially drew me in was his awkwardness. I’m a sucker for a guy who looks like he is going to have a panic attack ordering from Starbucks. The way he talks like he is always one second away from explaining something no one cares about, the little twitches he has in interviews – for some reason all of the above is adorable to me. Those are also the reason we are here today and he is my hall pass crush. 

Yes, there are others on my list – because as you’ll hear with the Liguoris…we all have a list. However, I think many of mine have come up here and there and I’d been waiting for the chance to pen a piece about my eye candy in ‘Now You See Me.’ Jesse Eisenberg is also one of the crushes I have that probably gets the most, “Really?” My guy surely did not understand as when we first got together his was Nicki Minaj and well, I said Eisenberg. The two are totally comparable…

Having a hall pass crush, I think, is a fun and interesting thing to share in a relationship. With that, I’m going to explore a little more with my guy and see if I can get him to give me a list…while I work and update mine. Until then, stay tuned for Chris and Leah Liguori’s episode this week. 

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