Adulthood Crush: All The Boys

Liking someone growing up is easy because for five days a week we’re tossed into the educational routine. We have to be at a certain place at a certain time and for some 13 years, very little about that changes. Well, we get older and hormones increase but school crushes are the norm and pretty much the basis for your crushgasms later in life.

Looking back, I was pretty much a loyalist in elementary and middle school. Only two boys owned my heart at each level of school, but once I got to high school – the hormones were running wild and a handful of guys made their way into my daydreams. However, looking at the list before me when jotting down the crushes that came from adulthood, I did have enough to make this list but at the same time, I was more so like middle school me, rarely did these crush obsessions overlap. Then, of course, one came to truly own my heart, so because I had Eleanor Ward share her adulthood crush, let’s get to mine!

The Boy in English 

We’d get to English early every day and just sit in the hall in complete silence. I don’t think I said a damn word to him the entire semester, even though we were classmates. However, he was the first person I ever lurked online. Thanks, MySpace!

The First Boyfriend

Freshman year also brought about my first boyfriend. I still cannot believe someone actually liked me then, but that was nice while it lasted.

The Blonde Boy in the Band

Went to The Knitting Factory (RIP) and saw this band with a blonde boy who sang Usher, and I went from onlooker to obsessed in .2 seconds. So many trips were made to Vegas and back to see this band throughout college. 

The Boy on the Bus 

We already went into detail about that public transport not-so-meet-cute here.

The Boy with the Fireworks

Another boy in a band that had me delusional. 

The Boy from Work 

Having a typical 9-5 has never been my thing, but one summer I was in an office with a bunch of other 20-somethings just trying to make rent and fell for the boy across from me. His name was the same as the boy in English, only I did talk to this guy when necessary. 

The Workaholic Boy 

After a suggestion from my buddy at the aforementioned summer job, I dove deep into ‘Workaholics’ and for a minute was too into the guy with the hair AKA Blake. 

The Guy from All Those Movies

The number of times I stood outside Jimmy Kimmel’s studio to meet Channing Tatum is wild. Okay, it’s actually only like three. 

The Boy that Turned into a Nightmare

While he taught me a lot, he also taught me when it’s time to cut off all communication. 

The Boy Who Stole My Heart

I spent so much of my adult life working online that I’m not shocked I met my forever and always there too. Matt, love you!


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