An Adulthood Crush on the Bus

When it comes to crushes, we’ve explored so many famous faces and those we had in our youth but what about an adulthood crush? Those crushes that erupt once our hormones have settled and we pay bills? This week we’re talking to life coach Eleanor Ward about a crush she had not too long ago, but before we dive into that later this week – let’s talk about the boy on the bus who made waking up early to catch the Santa Monica Blvd. bus 100% worth it, sort of. 

So many, many years ago I lived in the San Fernando Valley, but worked in Santa Monica. I was fresh out of college and had no real understanding of the LA bus system, so for a couple of years, I took the absolute longest way. Often it’d take upwards of two hours each way to get to and from, for a commission job. It was hell, but for a part of that, it was pure heaven because there was the cutest boy I’d ever seen up until that point in real life. 

He got on a stop or two after me but because this bus line was hell on earth, it was never likely there’d be a seat right next to me. Trust me, I tried time and time again to plan this meet-cute. On the way home, he’d be around once in a great while but by that time, the bus was empty and he wasn’t choosing to sit near me. Sadly. Hopeful seating aside, I became a little obsessed with seeing him every morning. I thought, well…if he sees me enough, we’ll at least become bus companions, right? 

Like I said, sadly nothing ever came of this except meeting a girl on the bus who also thought he was cute and every time I just so happened to miss the bus, she magically talked to him. Looking back, I think she was a storyteller because hanging out with her just once outside of the bus, girl…just another delusional person in the City of Angels. Now, this comes to no surprise to anyone, but this crush went nowhere but from point A to point B on the bus. We talked once and I was so awkward that if I linger on the memory too long, I want to crawl into a ball and die. 

What I’ve learned though is whether you’re in kindergarten or a grown-ass woman, if you’re not the type of person people crush on – having a crush is always going to be a big ol’ ball of emotional distress. Forever, and always. 

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