The Best Places for an Everyday Crush 

Once you reach a certain age, you fall into a routine. That can make crushing on someone harder than when you were stuck in school x-amount of hours a day thinking that you and that person who sits in front of you would make the next great love story. And if you don’t crush on someone as an adult, how the hell are you ever going to eventually find that person you’ll sit on the couch with for the rest of your life, looking at memes while you argue over whether to rewatch ‘The Office’ for the 85th time or start something new? Exactly. So to kickstart your next crush, let’s get into the best places to find your next everyday crush…that could potentially become more. 

Grocery Store

Amber Dover was gracious enough to share her everyday crush on a grocery store clerk with us, and I gotta say that’s one of the top-tier places you’re going to run into someone you could fancy because hey, we all gotta eat. So whether it’s a clerk or someone you may see shopping on the regular, the grocery store is basically the club for those over 30. 

Coffee Shop

If there is one place that screams routine, it’s a coffee shop. It serves one of the most addicting things on earth, meaning that if you fall for a patron you see one morning – there is a HUGE change you’ll see them the following day. If it’s not someone getting coffee, then you’ll definitely fall for one of the artsy people creating foam art on your mocha frappe enchilada a la mode or whatever they’re called. 

Public Transit 

If you’re into minimizing your carbon footprint by taking public transit, then 1. Thank you! Also, you’re bound to see a cutie once in a while on your commute. I did, and you can read about how motivated I was to catch the Santa Monica Blvd. bus once upon a time here

Bank Teller

Take a chance on a newfound love by going into the bank next time you’re there and not just relying on the ATM. 

Gas Station 

Same goes with the gas station. Go inside, see who’s inside!

The Mall 

Okay, so malls are a dying breed but while there is still a heart beating in them, it’s somewhere that has potential. Hey, maybe you’ve even reached the age where walking around the mall in the early hours of the morning is for you. 

Post Office 

If you’re an old soul like me and actually live for physical mail, then you’re going to find yourself in line at the post office at least a couple of times a month…


On the flip side, not every everyday crush has to be found somewhere you actually go. We can all admit that we’re pretty much glued to our phones so perhaps your everyday crush could stem from seeing someone on your timeline. If so, now’s the time to slide into those DMs. 

Delivery Person 

Speaking of being online, with all of the online shopping we do – there has to be at least a handful of people who’ve had the same Amazon delivery person more than once. I’m also sure that if Lifetime has yet to make ‘Postmates a Soulmate’ yet, it’s coming November 2023. 

Dog Park 

We all know the best way into anyone’s heart, especially someone you find attractive and want to know on a more adult level, is through a cute dog. 


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