Workplace Crush: TV Guide Edition

To take a line from ‘The Goldbergs,’ it was 1980-something, and…the whole world was obsessed with whether or not Sam Malone and Diane Chambers from ‘Cheers’ would wind up together. Yes, long before Ross and Rachel swept the world under their spell, Sam and Diane were were-they-won’t-they supremes. 

The big difference is ‘Cheers’ is a workplace comedy and ‘Friends’ well, that show makes you think you can afford a grand apartment in New York City with only one or two roommates. All of that was to say this is about workplace crushes on the small screen since we went down that path with podcaster Bradley Butin this week in which a romance at a Perkins restaurant blossomed with a woman named Rose. 

So let’s get to it and break down the best of the best when it comes to the most endearing TV workplace romances. 

Linda & Bob, Bob’s Burgers

We never really get a will-they-won’t-they with Linda and Bob because when we first meet them, they are together and three kids deep but that doesn’t mean we haven’t enjoyed watching their antics since 2011 when the animated show injected Fox’s Sunday lineup with some much-needed freshness. 

Bones & Seeley, Bones

Bones and Boy-Bones as I like to call them are one of those pairings you watch and immediately say out loud to the TV screen, “Okay, now kiss.” I mean, anyone alive during ‘Angel’ knows that whatever couple you place David Boreanaz in is going to be one you root for. 

Amy & Jake, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

On paper, these two just do not work, but diving into the whole opposites attract…over time these NYC coppers really melt your heart when they finally got together, and even more so when they started a family. 

House & Cuddy, House

The sexual tension was always there but they really made you wait for this one, but in reality if you watched the show – you know the real couple on ‘House’ was the titular character and Wilson, but I guess bromances are for another day. 

Turk & Carla, Scrubs

Speaking of bromances, Turk and J.D. – to this day – are still friendship goals, but when Turk wasn’t with his best mate, we couldn’t get enough of him with Carla. 

Meredith & Derek, Grey’s Anatomy 

You didn’t even have to watch this damn show to know about Meredith and Derek AKA McDreamy. This couple took the world by storm. 

Olivia & Fitz, Scandal

If there’s one thing Shonda Rhimes is going to do, it’s create a show that takes over the pop culture landscape. This, along with ‘Grey’s’ – never watched, but I know how much fans were invested in what happened between Olivia and Fitz. I mean, the show was called ‘Scandal’ so to have Olivia’s workplace romance being with the politician she worked for…SCANDALOUS.

Michael &  Holly, The Office

Which, so did Jim and Pam from ‘The Office’ but those two always get mentioned in lists like this and you know what? I love them with all of my heart, but I’d argue Michael and Holly are just as sweet when it comes to couples that came from our favorite paper company in Scranton, PA. 

Sam & Diane, Cheers

Again, this couple had us on the edge of our seats in the ‘80s. Well, our parents and grandparents but still. Even when Diane left the show, people wanted more – and they definitely delivered before the show was said and done. 

Amy & Jonah, Superstore

Being that this show gave major ‘Office’ vibes but in a big box store, anyone who watched both knew right away that we weren’t leaving this show without Amy and Jonah getting together. It was up and down for them, but it was all worth the payoff in the end. Well, not really…’Superstore’ should’ve lasted at least 10 seasons and I’m forever upset it did not. 


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