The 2022 Crush Chronicles

Back when you had to pay for cable and pretty much just watched the same handful of things almost everyone you knew did, life felt simpler. Today there are countless streaming services on top of cable and it’s just – a lot. This means that we’re being introduced to a shit ton of new TV programs annually and sometimes we strike gold like with the instance of 2016’s ‘Stranger Things.’ In other instances we sadly allow amazing TV to fall by the wayside, like with ‘The Gordita Chronicles.’ With that, I’d love to kick off my top 2022 crush list by paying homage to a show that had all the makings of an ABC hit but was on HBO Max, and that’s none other than the aforementioned ‘Gordita Chronicles.’ 

Why and how ABC did not pick this show up with HBO Max tossed it aside, I’ll never know. It gave off big ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ vibes as we followed one of the kids as they narrated their move from the Dominican in the ‘80s to Florida. ‘Fresh’ proved once before that these types of stories are not only entertaining but allow TV viewers to get insight into a new culture that’s been otherwise ignored by mainstream media. ‘Gordita Chronicles’ would’ve fit in so nicely with the likes of ‘Abbott Elementary’ and ‘The Wonder Years.’ It also would’ve been cute to see ‘The Goldbergs’ pass along the ‘80s torch to a new series as I’m pretty sure that show is nearing the end. 

Alas, ABC did not pick up this show upon its HBO Max cancellation and that pains me because this show wasn’t just good – it was an utterly charming delight. It didn’t take long to fall for Cucu, the never-scared-to-speak-her-mind youngest daughter in the Castelli family. We only got 10 episodes but within the confines of those came a small screen hero because she was ultimately such a badass, and I only wish that when I was younger I could’ve seen someone like her existing unapologetically on my television set. Alongside her was a smokin’ dad, a sister you could see yourself not liking at first but you ultimately warm up to, and the matriarch, Adela. 

As much as I adored Cucu, I was enamored with Adela just as much. My favorite TV moms have always been the type that remind me of my own, and Adela’s opinionated self hit the nail on the head for my own mother. Would have loved to see her evolve over a couple of seasons as she got used to life in a new country, and how that ultimately impacted the way her daughters viewed the world as they started to adopt American customs as their own, and just what Adela would’ve done to keep their Dominican roots alive and well. 

Sadly, I don’t get to see that progression because HBO Max cut the lights off on ‘Gordita Chronicles’ far too soon. Especially since the show ended with a cliffhanger. That’s always the worst, isn’t it? It’s because with so many shows coming and going, it’s hard for new programs to get that ‘Love Island’ push. Unfortunately. 

‘Gordita Chronicles,’ I hardly knew you but what I did get to know was enough to make you one of my top crushes of the year, and I’m still holding onto hope that you find a home so that the stories can continue. 


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