A Barry Special Hall Pass Crush 

There is this underlying rule in every relationship that if you were to ever be approached by a celebrity you liked, you could hook up with them, no questions asked, no repercussions. We commonly call that a Hall Pass, and this week Harvey Laguerre, host of ‘Men Are the P.R.I.Z.E.’ and co-host of ‘Love is Black,’ is here to talk about the agreed upon woman his hot wife Karese has given him the okay on. We’ll talk more about that with Harvey later this week, but first let’s dig into my Hall Pass Crush on a man that both makes me laugh and at times scares the shit out of me, Bill Hader

If you’re thinking, damn Kendra, isn’t Jesse Eisenberg your Hall Pass Crush? Are you allowed more than one? Yes, and well…yes. I mean, if any of the celebrities my guy likes wanted to hook up with him – I say go for it, so he has to agree to the same terms on my end, right? 

With that, Bill Hader joins Eisenberg, Homelander, and a myriad of others we spoke of before. Back to Bill though. I can’t remember when, but it was one random Saturday night when I first saw him on ‘SNL.’ Perhaps it was the way his facial manipulations reminded me of my childhood crush, Jim Carrey. It also could’ve been that he looks like he would most definitely go to comic conventions and reenact scenes from ‘Star Wars.’ Don’t ask me why that’s a turn-on, it’s personal. Whatever it was, I was immediately taken because, above anything, a sense of humor is the hottest trait a person can have. This might make Bill Hader the hottest man on my Hall Pass list if I’m being honest. 

Speaking of, he soon became part of the hottest cast in the 2000s, ‘Superbad.’ Yeah, I said it. That is probably the only time in history I’ve been attracted to a cop. To this day I can’t help but watch that movie and have the ultimate swoon session. So Bill quickly went from a small screen addiction to someone who made me wanna head to the theater or at least hit up a Redbox (back in the day). Two of his best for me, ‘The To Do List’ and ‘The Skeleton Twins.’ One of which I saw a handful of times in theaters, and the other was an emotional solo watch over the weekend one day. You can probably guess which was which if you’re familiar with them. 

However, it’s been his big return to television that made my hormones go into hyperdrive on HBO’s ‘Barry.’ Those who know me can’t be that shocked by this seeing as how Dexter Morgan is still one of my top 10 fictional boyfriends of all time. So mix that psychotic mindstate with Bill Hader’s adorably dweebish looks, and I’ve got nothing but hearts in my eyes, and anxiety piling up in my gut. ‘Barry’ is dubbed a comedy, and there are some parts here and there that fall under the definition of hilarious, but overall Bill Hader gives a performance of a lifetime as this veteran who clearly needed therapy but opted out of that to become a hitman for a family friend. Dramarama leads him to Los Angeles where he finds himself as a wannabe actor. It’s a wild ride, but one I was ready to strap in for. 

Sometimes Bill Hader has given me all the funny in the world, and other times he’s ripped my heart out, stomped on it, and called it a bitch. Either way, I’ve never found myself not absolutely adoring him. Because of that, and an intense physical attraction – he’s a Hall Pass Crush, always and forever. 


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