Crushin on All the Nostalgia

Again, it was so fitting that Mike Valdes, host of ‘Childlike At Best with Mike Valdes,’ came through for the 100th episode with a crush on nostalgia since so many of our crushes stem from memories, and we just wrapped the entire Crushin on the 90s series. Earlier this week I talked about why millennials are so nostalgic, followed that up with this week’s episode featuring Mike, and now we’re going to talk more about what millennials are so nostalgic for. 

Of course, we all have those personal things we look back on. For me, it’s summer days playing outside in the mud with my brother, climbing the rocks down by the mountain, and spending hours in the desert hoping to stumble upon some treasure. However, as a collective – millennials are insanely nostalgic for the following things, and while some may be a little more niche than others, I think we can all agree that to relive these things would just be *chef’s kiss*

Respect for Elders

Not throwing shade at the younger generation. No, this is about the boomers and those above them. Once they got on the likes of Facebook and some let their true colors shine, it was hard to not only respect those we grew up thinking were wise, but it was really hard to even like them. Like, imagine how many found out their former teachers voted for a reality TV star to run a whole ass country…If we could go back to not knowing that those older than us were really just a bunch of idiots, that’d be great. 

Talking on the Phone 

While the phone ringing currently sends chills down our spines, there was a time when that noise was exhilarating. Was someone calling for you, your older sibling, your mom? It was fun not knowing, but it was even more fun to spend hours on end just talking about everything and nothing all at once with your besties. 

Emo Music

Not everyone my age loved this genre, but it was millennials’ answer to grunge. This counterculture genre that perfectly wrapped up the idea of teen angst in the 21st century. I say it’s like grunge because while both genres still exist and their influences are still heard in bands today, the few years each of them popped off, it’s hard to recapture that. Like, you’ll never have another moment in time as crucial as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden the same way you’ll never quite get the same feeling as having Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance on the same Warped Tour lineup. Emo is forever, but it was also a clear-cut moment for many.

Mall Photos

Unless it’s those wedding or maternity shoots that basically all look like they were taken on sunset while in matching outfits, it’s hard to find physical photos nowadays. That’s because everything is on our phones. This is insane if you were anywhere from 11-19 back in the early 2000s. That’s because many of us trekked to the mall every weekend with friends (or solo) to take blurred photos with incredibly iconic backgrounds that featured everything from generic hearts to bubbles. We then would hand them out to friends so they could place them in the cover of their binders. Can we bring these back?

The Fashion 

Look, I am personally still dealing with the trauma of low-rise jeans. However, there are some fashion trends from back in the day we can all agree were fire. The cute functionality of skorts, the camp of JNCO Jeans, the whimsy of butterfly clips. Those are all things we miss on the daily. 

Hanging Out on a Whim 

The older you get, the harder it is to see your friends regularly, and looking back – it’s clear we never realized how much of a blessing school actually was. Five days a week we had a set place and time to see everyone we liked (and didn’t like), and we could even make plans for the weekend because we had all the time in the world. Now? It’s been years since you actually talked to anyone you grew up with aside from a social media interaction. 


So I’ve been nostalgic for recess since 1999 because, um, those beautiful breaks are as good as gone once you hit middle school. Work breaks aren’t even close to bringing you the same amount of joy you felt when your teacher told you to go run around outside with your friends for like 25 minutes. 


This is about Blockbuster and all the little mom-and-pop video rental places too, because they were the backbone of our weekends. Rent a few on Friday, drop them back in the slot by Sunday. What could be better than that? Today, we practically have every movie at our fingertips but there was something about walking through the video store that made you feel alive as opposed to the endless scrolling one does on their cascade of apps. 

Being on the Same Page

Back in the day, the world felt smaller because we were all watching the same few channels and listening to the same hit songs. I miss everyone singing the same song…

Scheduled TV Time

Before streaming, we had to be ready to sit in front of the TV at a specific time and watch. If you had a fancy VCR that could record, okay. Other than that…you had to be ready to watch right then and there. While that may sound insanely inconvenient, it’s also something we miss because it meant we knew what we were looking forward to; Must-See TV, TGIF, and Saturday Morning Cartoons. Plus, every show we watched then still holds a special place in our hearts all these years later. 


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