Warped Feels: Emo Songs I’ll Forever Crush On

Originally I was going to rattle on about 10 emo crushes, but then I thought – nah. Let’s talk about the music because at the end of the day that is what made that era so fucking amazing and left us in our fucking feels. So today when we say emo music, we’re talking about a large umbrella that covers everything from the pop punk of New Found Glory to the Jesus-loving chaos Underoath delivered. With that, here are 10 emo songs that will always make me feel a certain type of way, much like with a crush – when these songs play, my heart can’t help but smile for a cascade of reasons…

“Somewhere In Neverland” – All Time Low 

First off, “Dear Maria, Count Me In” is one of the greatest pop punk songs to have ever existed and one of my actual favorites in life BUT I am a sucker for the cheesy goodness that is “Somewhere In Neverland.” Secondly, I was this many years old when I found out this had a video.

“Runaway” – Linkin Park 

If you were a teen/tween in 2000 and listened to ‘Hybrid Theory’ you 100% threw a fit at least once and blasted “Runaway” on your CD walkman. This album, this band – a fucking moment I’m grateful to have experienced. 

“The Patron Saints of Liars and Fakes” – Fall Out Boy 

For so long Fall Out Boy was IT for me, and while a lot of their recent material is not for me…I’ll always perk up a bit when I hear the songs that were the soundtrack during four years of education I really fucking regret. 

“The Middle” – Jimmy Eat World 

I mean, you can’t be a middle child and NOT love this song, right? Anyways, although I had no idea what the fuck this song was saying back in the day (elephant will be all right? Yes, my hearing is not great)…it came to be a song I turned to as an adult for comfort. As everyone around me seemed to always do well in this and that, my life was well, as Kelly Kapoor would say…seemed to be stuck buffering. But like the song says it just takes some time little girl…everything will be all right. 

“New Beginnings” – Finch 

Just gonna say that absolutely any song off ‘What It Is To Burn’ could be here because this album soothes my fucking soul. 

“I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” – My Chemical Romance

There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of My Chemical Romance songs that I straight up LOL at today because they are peak teen angst hilariosity, but there is something about “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” that will never get old to me. Whether it’s the video I swear should’ve been made into its own series or the fact that it instantly transports me back to being 18 underneath the summer sun at Warped Tour, I cannot hate on this one. 

“Ape Dos Mil” – Glassjaw

If I could and ever had to take my clothes off as a dancer, THIS would be my song. This is one of the most sensual deliveries you get when you go down the Emo Rabbit Hole. 

“Fake Happy” – Paramore

‘After Laughter’ came out the year my guy was diagnosed with cancer and lemme tell you the entirety of that record was therapeutic, and “Fake Happy” went on to be a sort of a personal theme song in 2017 as I had to paint on a counterfeit smile more often than not to keep things together. 

“Truth of My Youth” – New Found Glory 

New Found Glory can and will likely make music until they’re well into their 80’s, and nothing will ever compare to how “Truth of My Youth” makes me feel. As someone who is better with words written down rather than spoken…*heart eyes emoji*

“Taste of Ink” – The Used 

When you come from a small town you could not wait to escape since you were in kindergarten, it’s hard not to fall for this song when you’re 16 and just a couple of years shy of finally packing a bag and peacing out. 

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