The Ultimate Holiday Crush Mixtape

Years ago I was fresh out of college with little to no skills, but there I was - in the real world with concerts to go to, so I started freelance writing. It eventually led to Golden Mixtape, my first creative endeavor. Those I interviewed were often asked to make mixtapes based on this and... Continue Reading →

A Warped Emo Crush: Summer Memories

By now you’ve all listened to Girl at the Rock Shows talk at length about not only her love of Benji Madden of Good Charlotte but also how much music and concerts mean to her. If not - you can head here and do that and then come right back and read about the moments... Continue Reading →

A Warped Emo Crush

Back in the day, I’d say 99.9% of tweens and teens who stepped foot inside Hot Topic wanted one thing out of summer, and that was to go to Warped Tour.  I was no different.  Going from the boy band ways of the backstreets to MTV pop punk meant spending way too much time imagining... Continue Reading →

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