A Leading Lifelong Crush List 

Podcaster and wine aficionado Amanda Kohlhofer came through to talk about a lifelong crush that is more than just that. He is a leading man in Hollywood. The kind of actor people from around the world moves to LA to try and be. And while I did not take that route when choosing a lifelong crush this week, I wanted to pay homage to this week’s guest and her choice and focus on other leading men who are currently on screen gold when it comes to their talent, box office pull, and crushability factor for fans near and far. 

Jim Carrey 

Having the ability to make people laugh is the sexiest quality a person can have and Jim Carrey has enough comedy running through him that he could spare a few jokes here and there for others and still be hot as hell with those wacky faces and impressions. Plus, he’s also proven time and time again that he’s not just silly – but in recent years stepped back into a role most of us didn’t know what tailormade for him until he did it and that’s Doctor Eggman from the ‘Sonic’ movies. 

Kumail Nanjiani

Here’s another man who proved that funny can take you a long way…but when Marvel comes a knocking, you definitely take it upon yourself to give the world a DAYUM reaction. Kumail Nanjiani would’ve been on here regardless if he bulked up because um, have you seen him? He’s handsome as can be as well as hilarious, which I previously mentioned. It’s just now he has a body that makes you want him to go all ‘50 Shades’ on you. 

Dwayne Johnson 

Speaking of…Dwayne Johnson is just – look at him. An Adonis that walks among us with a smile that could brighten up the darkest days of 2020. 

Tom Holland

On the other end of the gym spectrum is Tom Holland. He may not be as large as some of the men mentioned before him but that is totally fine because Tom has that spandex suit agility that is incredibly undeniable. Also, we know that if he’s in a movie and it has a premiere – there’s a good chance Zendaya will be with him. Yeah, crushing on Tom and Zendaya just go hand in hand around here. 

Tom Cruise 

I said to fans near and far at the start because this list isn’t all about my likes because here is a huge dislike but I know that Tom Cruise is for somebody, well a lot of somebodies because despite my not understanding what made ‘Maverick’ a hit, it made like a billion dollars, and I have to assume that is hugely due to the crushes people continue to have on Tom Cruise. 

Chris Hemsworth 

Thor. Butt. Naked. 

Henry Golding 

After ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ this man should’ve been in just about every movie made, and he booked a good deal of roles but I’m greedy and want MORE. Just look at him, that smile, that charm. Henry Golding is everything you could want and then some in a leading man. 

Robert Pattinson 

Yes, comic book nerds were definitely filling up seats for ‘The Batman,’ but let’s be real – most of those tickets were bought by fangirls who will forever support Edward Cullen, and I respect that. 

Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors will win an Oscar by 2025. I just had to get that out there so in a couple of years when he does, this may wind up on a BuzzFeed list or something like that. His talent is only part of the reason I put him here, but it’s a large chunk because have you seen ‘Lovecraft Country?’ Majors was stunning in that as well as in the ‘Loki’ series, and he honestly never fails the assignment. He’s always giving extra credit. 

Ryan Reynolds 

If there’s one thing 99.9% of people can agree on, it’s Ryan Reynolds. Enough said. 


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