Top Sexiest Men Alive Crushes

By now you know that this week I flew solo because it was the holidays and because I wanted to do something special to pay tribute to my late grandma. I’d make her play “Who would you rather bang” using People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue on Thanksgiving. So I went through the issue this week on the show…wait, have you not listened yet? If not, you can click here and I’ll be here when you’re done. Don’t worry – it’s only like 20 minutes. A shorty this week. 

Welcome back! Now for this week’s top 10 we’re looking at the top 10 guys in this issue that I find crushable. You’ll recognize who I wrote about on Monday, and because you now you’ve totally listened here, you have a pretty good idea who’s anchoring this list. 

Lil Nas X

If you’ve yet to read what I wrote about my crush on Lil Nas X, please click here

Jason Momoa

Me and paranormal romance author, Melissa Sercia, talked at length about Jason Momoa’s amazingly good looks on an episode. You can check that out here. Just know, I think we all fucks with Momoa. 

Antoni Porowski 

As an elder millennial, I remember when the OG ‘Queer Eye’ dropped. My family was obsessed with it. To this day, my mom still thinks Carson Kressley is one of the funniest human beings on earth. Anyways…so when Netflix brought that shit back, I was immediately hooked and it didn’t hurt that the cooking guru was so fucking hot. 

Michael B. Jordan

One of my issues with Marvel movies is that the villains are almost always these larger-than-life beings. Then came Killmonger who had a legit reason to be pissed at the world. I did feel conflicted cheering on both sides but at the end of the day, Black Panther did what he had to do…but, I wouldn’t mind Killmonger somehow coming back and gracing the big screen with his pretty, mean mug again. 

Kumail Nanjiani

Yes, his body went through a transformation that made us up gush but one of the reasons I crush so hard on Kumail Nanjiani is the love story between him and his wife. If you haven’t seen how they came to be in ‘The Big Sick,’ check it out now. 

Orlando Bloom 

Ironically enough, Orlando Bloom was my teenage dream. Read more about that here

Bowen Yang

Make me laugh and my heart is yours. 

Conan O’Brien 

He was the first late-night host I watched just to see him and not the guests back in high school, and again – make me laugh, my heart is yours for the taking. 

Henry Golding 

That. Fucking. Smile. 

Chris Hemsworth 

Growing up, I legit thought ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ made up the idea of Thor. I’m so glad that wasn’t true because what would our world be like without Chris Hemsworth calling Rocket Racoon “rabbit?” 

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