The Sexiest Man Alive Crush 

For as long as I have been paying attention, People Magazine has dropped their “Sexiest Man Alive!” issue around Thanksgiving. I know this because I have bought it for the past x-amount of years to play “Who Would You Rather Bang?” with my grandma. 

Sadly, grandma passed away a few years ago but that hasn’t stopped me from still picking up a copy every year since and playing in her honor. For those wondering who an 80-something chose? If Blake Shelton was in, she was picking him because she was a huge fan of ‘The Voice’ even though she nor could anyone else ever name a winner. 

Anyways, with this week being Thanksgiving…I wanted to pay homage not only to my grandma but this year’s sexiest men and talk about one, in particular, today that made the issue and that is not this year’s cover boy Paul Rudd, nor was it Jason Momoa, Ralph Macchio, Pete Davidson, or Ryan Phillippe. We’re talking about none other than the featured sexy man – Lil Nas X. 

My crush on Lil Nas X doesn’t have much to do with how he looks, although that body – what the fuck is he doing in the gym because THIS: 

That is unreal. 

What I love about Lil Nas X is that he is a motherfucking genius. Was “Old Town Road” the only thing we knew about him for what felt like 27 years? Hey, he rode that horse until that shit was forced to become glue. That’s not all though. Oh no, because those who thought he was some one-hit-wonder destined to be forgotten overnight…those people were all wrong because Lil Nas X has yet to go anywhere. Between hooking up with mullet icon Billy Ray Cyrus and now, he’s continuously found himself a master of viral moments, released an album that was likened to birth, and dropped a couple of music videos that made me yearn for an episode or two of ‘Making the Video.’ 

Lil Nas X is an artist that knows how to play the game and he continues to fucking win and that, that’s what made him my sexiest man crush this week. 

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