Never Have I Ever Had a Sexiest Man Alive Crush

I started watching ‘Never Have I Ever’ because 1. I love teen comedies and 2. It was from the mind of my writing muse, Mindy Kaling. I kept on watching because, holy hell, it’s addicting. The way it gets you invested in the love life of Devi is wild, and in her quest for teen... Continue Reading →

Top Sexiest Men Alive Crushes

By now you know that this week I flew solo because it was the holidays and because I wanted to do something special to pay tribute to my late grandma. I’d make her play “Who would you rather bang” using People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue on Thanksgiving. So I went through the issue this... Continue Reading →

Ep. 34: Sexiest Man Alive Crush

This week I’m all by my lonesome for the holidays, but still wanted to do something to honor the family tradition I had with my late grandma, and that’s go over People Magazine’s Sexiest Man issue. I go over 99% of the sexy picks from this year’s issue, and reveal who me and my grandma... Continue Reading →

The Sexiest Man Alive Crush 

For as long as I have been paying attention, People Magazine has dropped their “Sexiest Man Alive!” issue around Thanksgiving. I know this because I have bought it for the past x-amount of years to play “Who Would You Rather Bang?” with my grandma.  Sadly, grandma passed away a few years ago but that hasn’t... Continue Reading →

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